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Those were the words from Rocco in the “Godfather, Part II” in talking about knocking off Hyman Roth who happened to be in custody of federal agents.

When it comes to increasing Latino voter turnout here in Texas, Commentary says “Difficult. Not impossible.”

The Chron E-Board takes on Latino voting in Texas today in response to this past Saturday’s election in San Antonio. Their headline in the hard copy is “What will it take? Low voter turnout is a problem in Texas, particularly with Hispanics.”

Here is a part of what they said:

That pattern of Hispanic non-participation is a statewide problem. In fact, Hispanic turnout in Texas tends to be lower than elsewhere in the country. It’s likely to continue in Houston too, unless some candidate or some issue galvanizes the electorate. It’s hard to see who or what that might be, even though they probably could elect a candidate of their choosing, in Houston and elsewhere, if they voted in percentages comparable to African-Americans and Anglos.

Here is the entire take: http://www.chron.com/opinion/editorials/article/What-will-it-take-6333872.php.

All I can say is the Latino vote has been neglected for decades and all of a sudden folks are wondering why they are not showing up at the polls? In due time. In due time. Be patient.

The ‘Stros had four dingers last night at Coors Canaveral and now have 95 for the season. How many ‘Stros have dingers in double digits?

Here is from Kuffer on the Rebuild Houston responses:

On a related note, I went and checked the Facebook pages and Twitter feeds of each of the five candidates for Mayor who had not made a statement about the Supreme Court ruling as of my previous post. Here’s Sylvester Turner’s statement, posted on June 15 at 11:44 AM. The other four – Chris Bell, Adrian Garcia, Marty McVey, and most puzzling to me Steve Costello still had nothing to say on the subject as of last night. I will ask again: What are you waiting for?

Here is all of Kuffer: http://offthekuff.com/wp/?p=67865.

I think this is probably a good idea if you like transparency. If you are a political consultant, should you have a problem with what the Ethics Commission put out recently? Here it is:

The Texas Ethics Commission seeks comments on how a political expenditure made to a political consultant must be disclosed when the consultant makes payments to other parties.

For example:

A political committee pays a consultant to send direct mail. The consultant buys a mailing list, pays a graphic designer, pays a printer, and pays a mail house to send the piece of direct mail.

A candidate pays a consultant to organize get out the vote activities. The consultant pays poll workers and drivers. The consultant pays a printer to print sample ballots. The consultant pays for transportation and gas expenses.

The Commission will consider comments at its August 7, 2015, public meeting.

It is just a little more housekeeping.

If you want to check out the Yankees at The Yard next week, expect to pay a lot more. The ‘Stros and dynamic pricing are sticking it to fans. You can sit in the upper deck for $15 on up – depending on which day you go. The Thursday game is the least expensive. If you want to sit in the field box level, $110 is the best deal you can get. Close to $200 for a seat behind the plate.

I lot of folks are going to try to hawk them on Stub Hub. I would just wait until the last minute and snatch them there once demand goes down.

Valbuena (16), Carter (12), Gattis (12), and SpringerDinger (10) lead the team of course in dingers.

We still have a two and a half game lead and have now won four in a row.

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