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On the day city council will adopt the budget, the Chron E-Board put a smackdown this morning on the handling of Rebuild Houston. Deserved or not, the folks running Rebuild Houston have not done a good job of letting us know how things are going. Here is from the E-Board:

The question of whether Houstonians legally approved the drainage fee will now be sent back to the trial court. With this ruling, the Supreme Court has landed a powerful blow against a program that’s already suffered years of slings and arrows. Yet the legal error identified by the state justices merely echoes an already well-known problem with ReBuild Houston: a failure to communicate.

It isn’t just an issue of ballot language. From day one, ReBuild Houston supporters have lacked an articulable plan or list of projects that would be funded by the program. Estimated drainage fee cost to landowners fluctuated throughout the campaign.


City Councilmembers redirected dollars into their own slush funds. Houston-ians grew impatient.


ReBuild Houston still lacks a key advocate who can explain to people why it is a smart policy. Yet Mayor Annise Parker seems content being a follower rather than a leader – much as she did during the original campaign. Council member and mayoral candidate Stephen Costello, a key ReBuild Houston proponent, has remained essentially silent.

Politics isn’t about numbers or spreadsheets – it is about people. If Parker and Costello don’t start communicating to the people about ReBuild Houston, someone else will. And they may not like what those folks have to say.

Here is the entire piece: http://www.chron.com/opinion/editorials/article/Let-s-talk-6331167.php.

It is pretty obvious to most that Bill King has a take on this. He has put out a statement or two and articulated his position in public. Before anybody criticizes him, how about asking your candidate to put out their take first. You can’t have it both ways.

The ‘Stros continue to lead MLB in the team dinger category. How many do they have and name the team that is second?

All I can say is that the ‘Stros were one of the lead stories on “Today” this morning. The GM got some praise from Bob Costas. We are getting national run today. That’s good for the brand if you ask me.

The Hackbirds’ reputation took a huge hit. They deserve it only because what they did was incredibly stupid. What were they trying to find out? If we had figured out how to hit a Mariano Rivera cutter? Dumbarses! Hope they get the book thrown at them.

The ‘Stros have 91 team dingers of course to lead MLB and followed by the Dodgers with 83.

We had three dingers yesterday including two by Luis Valbuena. We are now on an eight game roadie and still have a two and a half game lead.

Oh yeah, our next homie starts next Thursday with the Yankees in town. Hope you have your tickets!

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