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Commentary is talking about the mayoral candidate forums. Last night the Asian Chamber of Commerce held theirs and five of the seven candidates showed up. Someone asked me afterwards how it would have gone if the other two had showed up. My response: longer. There were not really any fireworks last night.

Next up is the Meyerland Dems on Monday night.

Name the runner-up in last season’s AL Cy Young Award race?

It is interesting in that the trade bill is a big press story in national politics and with the national media. Here in H-Town it doesn’t even get a whimper, nada, zilch. (Well, there is a story on page A4 of today’s hard copy of the Chron.) We are a major global port city. We are an international city. We are a huge trade city. We have two internationals airport and we are not part of the trade bill conversation. Heck, this is the first mention Commentary has put out on the trade bill – I think.

The trade bill issue was not brought up last night and maybe it should have since international commerce was a big topic. It has not been brought up at any of the previous forums. They didn’t ask Bill King about it yesterday at the HCDP Brown Bag Lunch. I haven’t had a fellow Dem talk to me about it. I have not seen it on a questionnaire. Where is the trade question?

Can you even be for or against the trade deal if you are a mayoral candidate and will it help or hurt your chances? I am thinking that someone will pop the question at the Meyerland Dems get together.

Heck, the only times I have heard trade mentioned locally are deals that might be made by the ‘Stros as the July 31 MLB trade deadline approaches.

King Felix Hernandez of course of the Mariners was last season’s AL Cy Young Award runner-up.

I am thinking a few more folks will be at The Yard this weekend. We hold a two and a half game lead in the AL West. We now have Carlos Correa playing short. Oh yeah, and King Felix starts tonight for the Mariners. They are handing out 10,000 gym bags this evening and 10,000 grilling aprons on Sunday.

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