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Tal’s Hill

At last night’s SPARC Growth Houston – Mayoral Candidate Economic Development Forum at UH, this was probably the most interesting line I heard last night and it wasn’t from any of the candidates. It was from one of the North Side Management District leaders: “Near North Side is underserved by the City.” Now that is certainly interesting. How does this happen? At least the leader is being honest.

The second most interesting line came from State Rep. Sylvester Turner when he joined Bill King in calling for “zero based budgeting.” Of course, Sylvester was for “zero based budgeting” when he ran for Mayor in 2003.

Here are some tweets from last night:

Bill King ‏@BillKingForHou 3h3 hours ago
We spent $120 million on transit in one of the richest areas in Houston. How could that money have been spent in your neighborhood? #houvote

Bill King ‏@BillKingForHou 3h3 hours ago
Foundation of any economic development is core services and we have not been doing a very good job. @TelemundoHou #houvote

Katherine Driessen ‏@KatDriessen 3h3 hours ago
.@BillKingForHou is taking shot at TIRZ spending, specifically Uptown bus project. Draws scattered applause. #houvote

Bill King ‏@BillKingForHou 3h3 hours ago
I DO NOT support making changes to the pension benefits already earned by current employees. @TelemundoHou #houvote

You know how during forums and debates candidates dance around questions and avoid answering them. It is annoying. An Eastwood leader told me after the forum last night that folks certainly know where Bill King stands on the issues. What else is news?

A shout out goes to CEWDEM for getting to visit with Hillary yesterday. Nice!

Name the MLB team with the best record on the road?

A shout out goes to the ‘Stros Skipper for getting named to the 2015 AL All Star Team coaching staff.

The ‘Stros announced yesterday that Tal’s Hill is a goner. I am not going to get all hot and bothered about this like I didn’t get hot and bothered about moving to the AL. I will say that no player has ever gotten hurt on Tal’s Hill. Some have gotten embarrassed and some have made spectacular plays. Oh, well! Here are some Tal’s Hill tweets:

Darrin Hall retweeted
Evan Drellich ‏@EvanDrellich 4h4 hours ago
If you think running up Tal’s Hill rarely is more dangerous than running at full speed into a wall, you’re overlooking how much walls hurt.

Darrin Hall ‏@UHCougarDHall 1h1 hour ago
Note to American League Astros. Leave Tal’s Hill alone and spend the $15 on signing all of your draft picks! @billkellytexas

Bill Kelly ‏@billkellytexas 42m42 minutes ago
@UHCougarDHall agree on the picks, but I’m not a fan of Tal’s Hill. That said I don’t like the new design either. Just put in bleachers!

ChronAstros ‏@ChronAstros 1h1 hour ago
Reid Ryan and Jeff Luhnow on demise of Tal’s Hill: It’s for the fans and safety http://bit.ly/1JpSEOW

Of course we have never won a World Serious with Tal’s Hill either.

The ‘Stros of course have the best roadie record in MLB with a 15-8 clip as we play three in Canada this weekend.

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