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Yesterday, Commentary mentioned that CEWDEM attended the Karla Cisneros campaign for H-Town City Council, District H kickoff event on Sunday. Here is what CEWDEM put out yesterday:

I don’t live in City Council District H so I can’t vote nor would I presume to tell the residents of that district who to support in City Council District H (for the record, I live and vote in C), I will say the voters have the choice of at least three really good candidates already on the ballot and I thoroughly enjoyed myself at Karla Cisneros’ kick-off. It was certainly one of the better ones, very lively, lots of folks, upbeat attitudes, great location and magnificent food. Thank you for having me….big thrill out of walking in the door and meeting Henry Cisneros!

Got it?
I said yesterday that Jonathan Villar leads the team with 9 fielding errors. How many total errors has the entire team committed?

The Chron has a front page story today on State Rep. Sylvester Turner leaving the State House and now running for Mayor. I am thinking this is the last of these types of stories. You know – the getting ready to run stories.

Maybe we can now get to talking about the candidates and how they address the issues.

BTW: Remember a few weeks ago when they put out the so called game changer press announcement on the pension bill. They held a special press conference, announced a deal had been cut, hugged each other, and gave each other high fives. It went nowhere fast and they are not talking about it these days. Talk about a dud.

Speaking of, it looks like the first Mayoral forum tomorrow evening is SRO. I like that.

The ‘Stros have a total of 29 fielding errors of course.

We got us another W last night and Jose Altuve holds a 577,153 vote lead in All Star Game balloting but I am not ready to call it.

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