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We Are Who We Are

We are H-Town. We are big. We are different.

We don’t have a river walk. We don’t have a Magnificent Mile. We don’t have Broadway, an Empire State Building, or a Statue of Liberty. We don’t have a French Quarter or a South Beach or a Golden Gate Bridge or a Strip or Hollywood or Disney World.

I mention all this because a front page story in today’s Chron is about Houston First increasing the budget to promote the H-Town area as a tourist attraction. The article also mentions that it would be nice if we had an “identifiable icon.” Here is from the Chron:

Stephanie Haynes, president of Hotel & Lodging Association of Greater Houston, said corporate and convention visitors keep hotels full during the week, but hoteliers want to increase weekend and holiday traffic.

“I think Houston has had some issues with defining the role of tourism and understanding its impact in the city,” Haynes said. Houston First, she added, “is trying to shift the image of the city as truly being something that is not just a convention and corporate destination, but somewhere you can bring your family or where you want to visit.”

She said Houston’s lack of an iconic image “has been a challenge for us.”


One of the goals Houston First noted in its announcement was a “renewed effort to draw a major new attraction or identifiable icon to the area.”


…… a defining or iconic venue would help make Houston a more attractive destination.

Here is the entire Chron piece: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/business/economy/article/Tourism-board-unveils-aggressive-agenda-for-6229965.php?cmpid=btfpm.

I get what they are saying and what they are saying is not news. Folks have been trying to figure out who we are for decades now.

Remember “Houston’s Hot” and “Expect the Unexpected” and “It’s Worth It” to name a few?

Give it up! Just tell the world that you can come here to have a nice time, eat in nice restaurants, check out some good entertainment, visit the gulf, nice shopping, and meet nice folks of different colors and backgrounds – and a lot of this stuff isn’t going to cost someone an arm and a leg. We are not going to build or create something so they will come.

Which teams leads the MLB in dingers?

I really do not want to talk about conspiracy theories and the Governor and Occupy Texas.

The White Sox at B’More game will be played today but the public is not allowed to attend thanks to the rioters and looters. It will be on the flat screen and on the radio, but there won’t be any booing of the umps. No Kiss Kam. I wonder if they will play the National Anthem or sing “Take Me Out To The Ballgame.” Way to go, B’More!

It is not just the fans that are getting punished but all the folks that work at Camden like those in the concession stands, ushers, ticket takers, and aisle vendors – the folks that make just above the minimum wage and tips in some cases. They are also moving this weekend’s series against the Rays from Camden to the Tropicana in St. Pete. That’s more folks that are losing out on work at Camden. This is just sad!

Well one of my questions just got answered with a tweet from this morning:

Erin McClam retweeted
Kasie Hunt ‏@kasie 20m20 minutes ago
Orioles EVP Duquette tells me that Camden Yards in-park experience will be the same today: National anthem, feather bed in 7. Just no fans

Yesterday, I mentioned the games the two games the ‘Stros had moved because of Hurricane Ike. The Yard never lost power and the teams actually could have played the Saturday/Sunday (Ike hit on a Friday evening) games there but it probably would not have been a good move because most of the H-Town region was reeling, without power, and law enforcement was dealing with one huge mess. Plus they would have had to have the basic personnel come in and open up The Yard – you get the picture.

The ‘Stros, Dodgers, and Jays lead MLB with 28 dingers each.

It looks like the ‘Stros are doing their part to get folks to visit H-Town and come by The Yard. We got us a four game lead.

We lost our shortstop Jed Lowrie for a couple of months or so. I am thinking that they will bring up Carlos Correa from Corpus within the next couple of weeks. Why not?

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