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Play Ball – NOT

Today is the day up at the U.S. Supreme Court. It will be interesting to hear the court experts give us their takes after the arguments.

Really, B’More!

There are no riots in baseball!

Check these tweets:

MSN ‏@MSN 4h4 hours ago
MLB game at Camden Yards between Orioles and White Sox postponed because of safety concerns http://bit.ly/1QC7Km0

Richard Deitsch retweeted
Baltimore Orioles ‏@Orioles 5h5 hours ago
After consultation with Baltimore City Police Department, tonight’s game between the Orioles & White Sox at Oriole Park has been postponed.

From an AP story:

The Baltimore Orioles’ home game against the Chicago White Sox was postponed Monday night because of safety concerns after riots broke out near Camden Yards following the funeral of Freddie Gray.

Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred, at the stadium for a previously planned visit, said Tuesday night’s game between the Orioles and White Sox could be moved — possibly to Nationals Park in Washington — if safety continued to be an issue.


Major League Baseball has postponed and shifted games in the past because of unrest.

In 1992, the Dodgers had four games postponed in Los Angeles following the Rodney King verdict.

In 1967, the Orioles and Tigers had a game postponed because of riots in Detroit. The next two games were shifted to Baltimore.

The best video of yesterday has that mom chewing out her kid and slapping him upside his head for hanging with the wrong crowd, err mob. Way to go!

Since 1965, how many ‘Stros home games have been cancelled or postponed?

The Chron E-Board went after the HCC Board today. They even called out former Trustee Carroll Robinson.

There are a lot of accusations out there and I guess the E-Board wants all of this wrapped up and explained. Here is the entire E-Board take:

Houston Community College offers a diverse range of classes, but apparently you have to sit on the Board of Trustees if you want to take courses in hand-to-hand combat. That elected board was the site of a fist fight after one trustee accused another of accepting bribes and kickbacks, according to allegations by HCC’s former acting chancellor Renee Byas.

Beyond the disregard for civic duty, these sorts of scandals risk undermining Chancellor Dr. Cesar Maldonado’s plan to restructure the splintered community college system. The board needs to come clear on Byas’ allegations, and it shouldn’t have to take a lawsuit for taxpayers to learn the truth.

Byas originally divulged her first list of HCC wrongdoings in October 2014, when she countersued the community college after they cut her contract. At the time, she claimed that HCC trustees had tried to skirt procurement rules and divert public bond dollars to their own personal buddies and political supporters. When she refused to play along, Byas said, they pushed her out.

Her new allegations, part of the ongoing lawsuit, provide a disturbing list of collusion and kickbacks between trustees and contractors, such as:

Trustees texting with contractors before votes

An HCC vendor treating a board member to a free Caribbean vacation on a private plane

Attempts to orchestrate a land-purchase kickback scheme

And, yes, there’s that fist fight.

The one-sided nature of these allegations, and the lack of specific identities associated with the acts, should garner some healthy skepticism. Intervening elections also mean that some of the involved board members may no longer hold office. However, Byas’ stories fit with a long and sordid history of an HCC board that’s been more enthusiastic about doling out contracts than educating students.

In 2013, Trustee Carroll Robinson was accused of trying to direct a contract to an unqualified friend. And back in 2010, an internal investigation known as the Veselka Report found that trustees violated their fiduciary duty by inappropriately directing contracts to family members, demanding kickbacks from vendors and failing to disclose relationships with subcontractors.

HCC bears a heavy duty of educating the next generation of Houstonians, but it will never succeed if its leaders have other goals in mind.

I am more interested in knowing who was throwing punches.

In June of 1976, flooding of H-Town streets forced the postponement of a game with the Pirates at the Dome. 9/11 postponed three games with the Giants. Hurricane Ike cancelled a game with the Cubbies and moved two others with the Cubbies to Milwaukee of course.

How about this tweet:

Aaron Stough retweeted
Ace of MLB Stats ‏@AceballStats 7h7 hours ago
#Astros 12th season win 2015 – game 19
2014 – game 38
2013 – game 43
2012 – game 27
2011 – game 29
2010 – game 33
2009 – game 30

We have a three game lead. I wonder if our winning ways will get more folks to The Yard later on this week?

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