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Hey Texans! Today is San Jacinto Day. Hey H-Town! That’s right down the road off of HWY 225 or I-10 right before you get to Baytown. 179 years ago today!

Who leads the ‘Stros in dingers this season?

This is a Big Deal, H-Town. Congratulations to Pulitzer Prize winning columnist Lisa Falkenberg. The first ever for a Chron writer!

Appreciate this huge accomplishment for the hometown newspaper.

I am sure she will be getting a lot of offers to go national or something like that. I hope the Chron makes every effort to keep her here for years to come.

You may not always agree with what she writes, but she is a treasure for sure. Way to go!

On her win, here is what she said:

“It’s an amazing feeling.”

“It doesn’t change who I am.”

“It’s not the reason I do this work. It’s just an award. But I guess it’s nice to feel respected. While I’ve gotten a lot of encouragement through the years, I’ve often felt discounted at times, either because I was young, or because I was a woman, or because my dad’s a truck driver and I sometimes miss obscure literary references. People like me aren’t supposed to win the Pulitzer. But now I have. And if it means that people read me who otherwise wouldn’t, or that people pay more attention to the issues I write about, then that’s a beautiful thing.”

Here is the Chron article on Falkenberg: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/Falkenberg-wins-Houston-Chronicle-s-first-Pulitzer-6212508.php#photo-7851957.

I drove way out to Carmelo’s yesterday evening to a Bill King reception and found a big crowd – nice job!

Luis Valbuena had two dingers last night at Safeco and leads the team with five of course.

We are still in first place.

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