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We will know at 2 pm today so good luck!

The Uber folks sent a letter to the H-Town Mayor on Friday and said they were complying. You and I know they will be out of compliance sooner rather than later.

H-Town City Council Member Oliver Pennington withdrew from the Mayoral race due to a family illness. Let’s hope for a quick recovery. Here is what the Chron’s Mike Morris said about the impact of the CM Pennington wirhdrawal:

The 75-year-old retired attorney’s exit removes the candidate best positioned to secure conservative votes, said Rice University political scientist Mark Jones. That could have a significant impact on a crowded race in which any candidate with a reliable base has a shot at earning one of two spots in the December runoff election that will surely follow November’s initial vote.

The news is an obvious boon to Councilman Steve Costello and former Kemah mayor Bill King, Jones said, two centrist-to-conservative candidates who were set to spar with Pennington for the same supporters.

“There simply was not enough room for them to all three run and have a real chance of entering the runoff,” Jones said. “Pennington had at least a potential path to the second round. But it would have been a very uphill battle to actually win a runoff because the characteristics that made him one of the more viable Republican candidates also made him less viable against a Democratic foe in a runoff.”

Here is the entire Morris piece: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/politics/houston/article/Councilman-Pennington-ends-run-for-mayor-6207311.php.

We will see.

Here is an easy one. Name the opposing MLB player with the most career dingers at The Yard?

The Chron’s Ken Hoffman had a Q&A with Hunker Down yesterday and here is one question:

Q: Haven’t the taxpayers made their wishes clear to you? No tax money for the Astrodome. There was an election …

Emmett: They haven’t made clear their wishes. The polls that I’ve seen say people overwhelmingly support saving the Dome. But you’re right, they just don’t want to use their money to save it. The bond election in 2013 was poorly presented to voters. To this day, people still think they were voting for a convention center. That’s what failed. People did not vote to tear it down. Some people think they did, but that wasn’t on the ballot.

I am thinking that the Dome is certainly on its way to becoming the longest running local public policy discussion in H-Town area history.

Dante and I made it out to The Yard Saturday. We took our annual photo at The Yard. Now he is taller than me. I put out photos of us at The Yard over the years including our first in June of 2001. This is what I tweeted:

Marc Campos‏@MarcCommentary 3h3 hours ago
With @DanteD__ at #MMP for @astros June,2001 – last night. #GoAstros. pic.twitter.com/0Wpw3907Uv

Check out these tweets:

Brian McTaggart ⚾️ ‏@brianmctaggart 28m28 minutes ago
Albert Pujols now has 46 career home runs vs. the Astros, tying Hank Aaron for most HRs hit against the Astros.

Nick Mathews ‏@Nick_Mathews 1h1 hour ago
The MLB division leaders: NL East: Mets NL Central: Cardinals NL West: Dodgers AL East: Orioles/Red Sox AL Central: Tigers AL West: Astros

You got it right if you said Pujols has 25 career dingers at The Yard to lead all opposing players of course.

The first place ‘Stros are in Seattle for three. That has a nice ring to it!

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