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Getting #Uberized

I saw a story online yesterday about Sen. Marco Rubio and Latino voters. Just about all the Latino leaders that were interviewed said Sen. Rubio’s flip-flop on immigration reform would hurt him with Latino voters in a general election. Sen. Rubio is a very long way from getting the GOP nomination for President so I don’t really want to spend a lot of time discussing how he would do with Latino voters. However, if he did get the nomination it would be an event of historic proportion and the conversation would be a whole lot different.

We had this discussion last year but some folks seem to have forgotten. I am talking about letting Uber operate in H-Town and all the issues that come with this. A state senator from Michigan spoke to the H-Town City Council about his own bad experience with Uber. Here are some tweets from City Hall yesterday:

J Rodriguez retweeted
Jenni Sellers ‏@Jenni2138 1h1 hour ago
Mayor Parker “uber is a billion dollar freaking corporation and should offer insurance” @84thLegislature #txlege @TXRidesforHire

J Rodriguez retweeted
Jenni Sellers ‏@Jenni2138 1h1 hour ago
CM Christie says “if you are in Houston and need a ride, call Yellow Cab” @TXRidesforHire @84thLegislature #txlege

J Rodriguez retweeted
Jenni Sellers ‏@Jenni2138 1h1 hour ago
Mayor Parker states that “Uber does not seem to recognize our rules” @TXRidesforHire @84thLegislature #txlege

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Katie McCall Fox 26 ‏@KatieMcCallTV 2h2 hours ago
Mayor Parker: “#Uber seems to be ignoring the local laws down here.”

They were ignoring local laws before we let them play. The City of H-Town kind of rewarded bad behavior. All of this was debated and pointed out and predicted before they got approval. It is not news. It is old news.

Lisa Falkenberg weighs in on Uber today here: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/columnists/falkenberg/article/Uber-s-safety-standards-don-t-live-up-to-website-6200001.php.

The Chron E-Board also weighs in here: http://www.chron.com/opinion/editorials/article/Uber-in-Austin-6199981.php.

Today is “Jackie Robinson Day” in MLB. All players will wear Number 42 to commemorate what happened 68 years ago today when Jackie Robinson took the field for the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947. In 1949, Robinson won the NL MVP Award after batting .342 to lead the league. Who was the NL MVP runner-up? Hint: He wore the Number 6 for his team.

Ted Oberg and KTRK-TV are still chasing the incident at the county jail here: http://abc13.com/news/attorney-hard-to-believe-indicted-jailers-not-scapegoats/659634/.

The Brewers have the sausage races. The Nats have the Presidents racing. We used to have the hot sauces and now we have the Space Races by Methodist. Pretty lame if you ask me. At least name the three space folks Apollo, Gemini and Mercury.

“Stan the Man” Musial was the NL MVP Award runner-up back in 1949 of course.

Our bats are cold. Chris Carter, Springer Dinger, Evan Gattis, and Luis Valbuena have been awful, awful, awful! We don’t hit with runners in scoring position. We have not shown any power. We need to turn things around.

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