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I am talking about the indictments and stuff over at the Sheriff’s Office joining the Mayoral campaign trail in H-Town. Here is a bit from today’s Chron:

Eighteen months after a mentally ill inmate was found in a Harris County jail cell in squalor, two jailers have been indicted and relieved of duty. A department internal investigation continues and may result in more disciplinary actions. But advocates for incarcerated inmates say questions remain.

“The sheriff hasn’t really explained how this could have happened,” said David James, a lawyer with the Texas Civil Rights Project.

Emily Ling, with the Austin-based Texas Jail Project, said she also had questions.

“At what point up the chain did people know what was really going on?” she said. “That’s really disturbing if a lot of the sheriff’s leadership knew what was happening and did nothing.”

Like Commentary has said before, the folks running the Mayoral campaigns are all pretty smart folks so they will know how to deal with all sorts of issues. This one is a bit challenging though. The folks that are asking the tough questions are not part of other Mayoral campaigns and they could be asking questions all the way through Election Day. When a new Sheriff is appointed, you never know how he or she will spin the investigation. The new Sheriff could dump all over the current Sheriff on how this situation and others were a handled. It could get real messy.

Here is the entire Chron article: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/transportation/article/City-reviews-of-would-be-Uber-drivers-find-crimes-6187822.php.

I certainly would rather be talking about #HoustonPotholes.

The Astrodome turns 50 today so Happy Birthday!

Name the starting pitcher for the Yankees on April 9, 1965 at the Dome?

I have a lot of Dome memories of course. Going to see the Yankees when it first opened. The two Ali fights. Elvis of course. The 1980 NLCS against the Phillies. Luv Ya Blue! And the gold star ‘Stros playoff teams of the 1990s – to name a few!

Hunker Down is throwing a party tonight at the Dome but I can’t make it. I am going to try to check out Lisa Falkenberg at Tejano Dems.

Here is what the Mayor said in the Chron today about the latest on Uber:

Mayor Annise Parker said Wednesday that the city is determined to enforce its rules.

“We continue to cite drivers, and we can impound cars and we have done that,” Parker said. “This is a problem with the company, and I’m beside myself right now at being angry at Uber. … I don’t want to go cite another driver. I want to hear directly from Uber.”

Here is the entire Chron article on the latest on Uber: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/transportation/article/City-reviews-of-would-be-Uber-drivers-find-crimes-6187822.php.

Why should Uber respond to the Mayor? They have been giving us the big F-You since they got into town!

Mel Stottlemyre of course was the Yankees starting pitcher 50 years ago today at the Dome.

I am waiting for our bats to come alive.

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