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Quite a Wedding

The Royals are in town for two. Name the Royal who was in the starting line-up in last season’s MLB All Star Game?

Last night’s wedding was super nice. Congrats to Celeste and Kyle!

The ceremony was special. The venue was cool – the Bell Tower on 34th. I had never been there or even knew it existed.

The food was great. Commentary had fancy mac and cheese, mash potatoes, chicken fingers, a brownie, cake, mini shrimp ceviche, and quesadillas – yummy!

There were also plenty of politicos in attendance like elected officials Reps. Carol Alvarado and Sylvester Turner, Controller Ron Green, Council Member Larry Green, and Judge Don Coffey. Mayoral candidate Chris Bell and Alison were there. Nef and Katherine, Lindsay and Matt, Sue and Lillie, Sue, Sheryl, Keir and Allison, and Kristi also attended. (I know I missed a few names.) I think everyone enjoyed the evening.

There was plenty of love in the air! Way to go Kyle and Celeste!

Fusion has a good story today on why are most MLB TV announcers white dudes? We got Brownie, Ash, and Blummer – all white dudes. Nearly a third of all MLBers are minority – Latino, African American and Asian.

The new Commissioner says he wants to speed up the game. Maybe he also needs to look at diversifying the booth.

Here is the Fusion story:

Let’s see. The GOP criticizes the President’s Iran deal. The GOP goes after Obamacare, his AG nominee, his handling of the economy even though we have a 5.5% unemployment rate, and his handling of the Middle East even though his predecessor got us into the Iraq war. They even go after his golf game even though he was taken less vacation days than 43. I am sure later on today they will go after The First Lady for her moves last night with Jimmy Fallon.

The rumor yesterday was that Dave Wilson was also going to run for H-Town Mayor.

Salvador Pérez of the Royals of course was the starting catcher for the AL All Stars in last summer’s classic.

It is official! Monday’s Opening Day is now SRO!

That’s all I have for today so I hope all goes well for your Good Friday, Passover, and Easter!

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