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KTRK-TV’s Ted Oberg tweeted the following yesterday:

Ted Oberg @tedoberg 15h15 hours ago
Need Help – I would love to see invites for recent Houston city council/mayoral fundraisers. Got one? Send it to me: ted.oberg@abc.com

Oh no! Who is next on the list? What is the next big City contract coming around the bend? Who will be the next to return their campaign donations? Who will be the next insider to rat on a competitor – ALLEGEDLY? Who can you trust these days over at City Hall? Another Oberg investigation!

I am thinking that maybe our State Legislators ought to add H-Town City Hall lobbyists to the list of those that couldn’t Open Carry under the bill that is on its way to the House Floor.

Commentary remembers the days when the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce gatherings were a safe place for GOP candidates for president. Those days are long gone. Here is how a Politico article starts today:

In past years, the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce hasn’t had much trouble getting Republican presidential prospects to address its annual legislative summit.

But none came this year.

It is immigration reform, STUPID!

Here is the entire Politico piece on the GOP candidates dodging Latino business leaders:

Commentary said this on the last day of 2014 about Lisa Falkenberg: “I am thinking Falkenberg will get some major accolades for her great work.”

I am thinking that next time I run into the Chron’s Lisa Falkenberg, I am going to have to snap up a selfie with her before she becomes too famous. I tweeted this yesterday afternoon:

Marc Campos ‏@MarcCommentary 6m6 minutes ago
Way to go @ChronFalkenberg a “powerful voice” for winning Mike Royko Award for Commentary/Column Writing http://asne.org/blog_home.asp?Display=1896

The award is from the American Society of News Editors. Here is from their website:

Mike Royko Award for Commentary/Column Writing

Lisa Falkenberg of the Houston Chronicle will receive $2,500 for winning the Mike Royko Award for Commentary/Column Writing, which recognizes excellence in writing by an individual that expresses a personal point of view. The award is sponsored by the Chicago Tribune in memory of legendary Chicago columnist Mike Royko, who died in 1997.

From the judges:

“With clear, compelling prose and a finely honed sense of outrage, Lisa Falkenberg is a powerful voice for justice and transparency in her Houston community. With painstaking reporting and skillful storytelling, she detailed in a series of columns how Alfred Dewayne Brown, an illiterate black man, was wrongfully convicted of killing a Houston police officer through a series of stunning miscarriages of justice.”

 Petula Dvorak, The Washington Post
 Stephen Henderson, Detroit Free Press

You got it: “Lisa Falkenberg is a powerful voice for justice and transparency in her Houston community.” You can say that again! Nice job Falkenberg!

FYI: Mike Royko was a Pulitzer Prize winning columnist from Chicago who in 1971 also wrote “Boss”, an unauthorized biography of Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley. “Boss” was required reading back in the old days. Royko left us way too early.

Craig Biggio has been the Opening Day starting second baseman for the ‘Stros fourteen times. Name the two ‘Stros second basemen that were our Opening Day starting second basemen eight times each?

The NCAA South Regional starts this evening over at NRG in case you care. Tickets are still available. Of the four teams, I don’t know anyone that went to Gonzaga but I think it is located in the state of Washington. I don’t know anyone that went to Utah but Dante’s family has a home out there that they go stay in during vacations. My old friend Ambassador Bob Krueger picked up a graduate degree at Duke and also taught there for a bit. KHOU-TV anchor Lisa Hernandez is a UCLA Bruin and that’s all I have.

State Rep. Sylvester Turner will officially kick-off his campaign tomorrow at The Yard. I wonder if they will be having dollar dogs.

Joe Morgan and Bill Doran of course have been our Opening Day starting second basemen eight different times each.

The player we picked with the first draft choice last year but didn’t sign ended up having a dinged up pitching arm. We still didn’t do our homework and lost out on the top pick.

The ‘Stros return to The Yard one week from this evening to take on last season’s AL Champs – the Royals.

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