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This is funnier and funnier!

Pardon me for LOL!

I am talking about yesterday’s shove-fest over at H-Town City Hall. I wasn’t there but I heard about it via twitter. I am talking about the dueling lobbyists referred to in these tweets:

Katherine Driessen ‏@KatDriessen 1h1 hour ago
Officer says one lobbyist outside council chambers pushed another, will be cited for simple assault #houcouncil

Katherine Driessen ‏@KatDriessen 46m46 minutes ago Houston, TX
The lobbyist who allegedly pushed another outside chambers is Cindy Clifford, according to HPD. She has been cited for simple assault

Mike Morris ‏@mmorris011 17m17 minutes ago
Lobbyist/PR person Cindy Clifford has been cited for simple assault, Class C ticket, for shoving lobbyist Josh Sanders at City Hall #hounews

Mike Morris ‏@mmorris011 4m4 minutes ago
.@CortMc See recent tweets. Yes, cited for Class C simple assault (a ticket). But no, not ‘arrested.’

Here is what maybe started it – from the Chron’s Katherine Driessen and Matt Morris:

Observers presumed Clifford blamed Sanders for recent unflattering headlines that have questioned her adherence to city procurement and lobbying rules. These questions were driven by fundraisers Clifford has hosted for council members approaching the vote, leading two members to return checks from Houston 8 and two others involved in the airport bidding, as well as photos Clifford posted online of her attending events with council members or hosting her birthday party at Parker’s house last fall.

Some of these events occurred during the “quiet period” in the airport procurement process, when bidders were banned from speaking about their bids with city officials.

Let me say that City Hall lobbyists are insiders and if you play the insider game then you have to understand that there are insider rules. We don’t know if Josh handed out some info on Clifford that was for the most part already available online. Driessen, Morris, and KTRK-TV’s Ted Oberg certainly know how to chase down a story on their own. But if Josh did have some info, if you go by insider rules, isn’t he suppose to do his job and hand it over to media types? It is done all the time.

Here is another line from the Driessen and Morris piece:

Those in the hallway gave slightly different versions of the words used, but all agreed Clifford suggested Sanders deserved a wallop, with Sanders inviting Clifford to make good on her idea.


Here is a bit from Ted Oberg’s piece on the match:

But the aftermath of the vote was anything but cozy. A partner in a winning bid was charged with misdemeanor assault for allegedly shoving Joshua Sanders, a lobbyist for a competing deal.

The accused, City Hall lobbyist Cindy Clifford, said little of the incident as she rushed from city hall after winning the airport deal that could mean $500 million in sales for her and her team, many of whom are city insiders.

“Silly, silly,” she said when asked by Ted Oberg Investigates about her allegedly shoving Sanders in a back hallway. “I don’t want to talk to anybody.”

Sanders said a witness “saw Mrs. Clifford approach, threaten, and then shove me.”

“It’s never OK to put unwelcome hands on anyone, and I encourage everyone to stand up against bullying, regardless of their gender, age, or beliefs,” Sanders said in a statement.

Here is all of Oberg’s story: http://abc13.com/573216/.

They should have let it go the distance.

Then for sure we would have heard someone say “down goes Sanders, down goes Sanders!”

I am going to be on the lookout for a rematch or at least a sequel.

We all know that Cleveland visits The Yard on Opening Day in eleven days. When was the last time Cleveland played in a World Serious?

The Chron’s Teddy Schleifer sent this stunning and surprising note out last night:

Hi everyone —

I’m writing with some sad news that will be public in the morning: This week is my final week here at the Chronicle. Starting next month, I’ll be writing about national politics for CNN Politics in D.C., a new adventure that will give me the chance to cover the presidential campaign and the big picture as a young reporter. The move comes much sooner than I expected, but the opportunity arose, and I took it.

My time in Houston politics has been beyond wonderful — and that’s thanks to you. As a new face covering an old game, it could’ve been excruciatingly difficult to break in. But you embraced me and gave me a chance, and I’ll leave Houston politics as avid a booster of it as there can be. I know I’ll miss it.

I’ll be in Houston for the next week or so and will always be reachable on my personal email: teddyschleifer@gmail.com or on my cell: 914-426-4465. I’ll be back in town soon enough — I hear there’s a presidential campaign headquartered down the road — and I anticipate those of you involved in 2016 will hear from me in not too long.

Keep in touch — I mean it. And once again, thank you.


Here is how I replied:

Good for you. You did an outstanding job the months you were here and you will be a great addition to CNN.

He hasn’t even been here a year but I already know he is going to be hard to replace. He certainly did his homework, his preparation was thorough, and he got up to speed on our politics. He took the Chron’s political coverage to a different level. He certainly ramped up the Chron’s coverage of the Mayoral race this year. I wonder what the Chron has planned now and I wonder if “The Horseshoe” will continue.

Cleveland lost to the Fish in seven in the 1997 World Serious of course.

Baseball always keeps giving. Here is from the Chron:

Former Astros pitcher Jarred Cosart is being investigated by Major League Baseball for gambling, with his potential involvement in one of sports’ oldest, strictest taboos having been revealed via one of society’s newest, mixed blessings: social media.

You mean there is an app for placing a bet with a bookie via twitter!

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