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Craig Biggio visited Spring Training yesterday. Since he has retired, the ‘Stros have had four different Opening Day starting second basemen – name them, please?

Yesterday Open Carry moved forward in the Texas Senate. Here is what the GOP author of the bill said during the debate: “It’s time for Republicans and Democrats to band together and right this ancient wrong.”

It passed along party lines 20-11.

Commentary is not a fan of concealed handgun carry licenses and certainly not Open Carry. I don’t think they make us any safer. Show me the proof and/or the data!

Of course it is tough to argue with the author on his statement inviting Dems to help out. 20 years ago the Texas Legislature adopted concealed handgun carry licenses while Dems controlled the Texas State Senate 17-14 and the Texas House 87-63 and we also had a Dem Lite Guv and Dem House Speaker. Hey, but that was a different time.

It is a good thing local politics can keep me busy. I don’t have time to fret over Open Carry, sanctuary cities, Public Integrity Units, and all the other stuff the GOP is getting to do in Austin.

Let’s see, GOP U.S. Senators can’t stand AG Eric Holder so they are going to delay a vote on his successor so he can get to stick around. That makes perfect sense.

If you stayed up to see U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz with Seth Meyers last night you got to see Sen. Cruz brag about his filibuster to stop Obamacare and then Meyers asked him “how’s it go?” Ha, ha!

Since Biggio retired in 2007, Mark Loretta (2008), Kaz Matsui (2009-2010), Bill Hall (2011), and Jose Altuve (2012 to now) have been our Opening Day starting second basemen.

The ‘Stros will make their ROOT debut today.

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