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Here is how the Chron’s Teddy Schleifer started off this week’s “The Horseshoe” that was just released:

FIRST ON THE HORSESHOE: The newly launched campaign of Bill King raised $250,000 at his kick-off fundraiser last week, according to his campaign. We always knew King could raise serious dough through his high-powered network – along with tapping his own bank account – yet Tuesday’s haul is a strong early show of force as this campaign gets underway.

Remember when Teddy tweeted this Thursday evening, the day before the pension deal was announced? Here is this:

Teddy Schleifer @teddyschleifer • Mar 5
Mayoral race fall-out could be fascinating: Does it take wind out of sails of those running on pensions? Or, elevate their signature issue?

Well it is certainly still on the table and the issue isn’t going away and for sure it isn’t going to be solved during this campaign.

Friday’s “deal” announcement very well could have elevated the issue. It was on a lot of the local evening news shows, made it to the front page of the Chron’s Saturday City/State section, and got the lead editorial in yesterday’s issue.

Then you got the feeling that some of the handlers of the deal makers were in a defensive mode even before the deal was announced.

Commentary said this last Friday:

Aside from the deal makers, I wonder who will step forward to say it is a good deal.

Here is how the Chron E-Board started their take yesterday:

Like Advil for a brain tumor.

That’s how city pension consultant Craig Mason described the proposed firefighter pension deal back when it was being discussed in September. Not much seems to have changed between then and late Thursday, when the fire pension board announced a final deal with the city (“Parker, firefighters make deal on pensions,” Page B1, Friday). The problem keeps growing, and all we’re getting is short-sighted respite from the pain.

Here is the entire E-Board take:

Then here is what Bill King tweeted yesterday:

Bill King ‏@BillKingForHou 3h3 hours ago
My former colleagues at the Chronicle editorial board nailed it on the new fire department pension deal. http://www.chron.com/opinion/editorials/article/Pension-pill-6119828.php

Then this came out on Friday:

Steve Costello, Chair of Houston City Council’s Budget and Fiscal Affairs Committee, released the following statement regarding today’s announcement about adjustments to the Houston Firefighters’ pension:

“Our firefighters deserve to have their pensions covered in full and this deal, negotiated without City Council input or approval, not only leaves their pensions cut short, but continues to put the city’s financial well-being at great risk over the long haul. This agreement simply continues the damaging cycle where the City of Houston fails to fund the pension, racking up tens of millions of dollars in new debt in the future.

Like I said, this issue is still on the table.

We all know Craig Biggio will be inducted into the MLB Hall of Fame this summer. How many times was Biggio our leadoff hitter on an Opening Day lineup?

State Rep. Carol Alvarado had an Op-Ed on her bill on online voter registration in yesterday’s SA Express News. Check it out here: http://www.mysanantonio.com/opinion/commentary/article/The-dirty-little-secret-of-government-6117408.php.

I decided to hold off on my visit to the gym Saturday afternoon so I could check out the President’s Selma50 speech. I’m glad I did. Here is what I tweeted afterwards:

Marc Campos‏@MarcCommentary 21h21 hours ago
Just watched an incredible, powerful and historic speech by @BarackObama. #Selma50 #VotingRightsAct pic.twitter.com/MIWOth3ogC

The President rocked!

Last night we got to see “The Good Wife” prepare for her meeting with the E-Board.

The last couple of days, Channel 11 has been promoting Lisa Hernandez’s Big Announcement. Lisa is one the evening news co-anchors. Let’s see. She got married last year. I am guessing she will announce …… this evening.

Craig Biggio was the leadoff batter in 12 Opening Day lineups for the ‘Stros of course.

Yesterday, a lineup with five, maybe six, of our 2015 Opening Day starters was no-hit by The ATL pitchers yesterday. Hey, it is just Spring Training!

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