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Today is the last full day of Guv Dude’s fourteen plus years at the Mansion. I am not going to say anything negative about his last full day.

Speaking of Dude’s first full year in office – 2001, who was the lead-off hitter for the ‘Stros on Opening Day in 2001 and it wasn’t Craig Biggio.

Kuffer has a take on the H-Town Mayoral campaign fundraising here: http://offthekuff.com/wp/?p=64961.

Commentary is kind of disappointed the City Attorney didn’t put up a more vigorous defense of the City’s fundraising ordinances. Have mercy on us all if they do away with individual and PAC limits. Then only a couple of folks would control City Council.

It is official! From the “No Se Puede Department” it looks like the GOP is already writing off the Latino vote in the 2016 Presidential election. On Friday they released their Presidential Debate partners. Left off the list was Univision. It is pretty simple to Commentary and other observers. The GOP is scared of having to deal with the immigration issue and further alienate Latino voters. Well this move isn’t going to certainly help. Here is what Univision had to say:

“There is a very simple political reality – Hispanics will decide the 2016 presidential election. No one can match Univision’s reach and ability to inform, provide access and empower Hispanic America. Anyone who wants to reach and engage Hispanics will have to do it through Univision. The Hispanic community deserves to hear the policies and views of all political parties and Univision is committed to providing access to all points of view. We have an open invitation to all political parties to address our community on issues of importance and relevance. Candidates should not miss the opportunity to inform and engage with the fastest growing segment of the electorate.”

Here is who made the cut and a general schedule and locale:

1.Fox News, August 2015, Ohio

2. CNN, September 2015, California, at the Ronald Reagan presidential library

3. CNBC, October 2015, Colorado

4. Fox Business, November 2015, Wisconsin

5. CNN, December 2015, Nevada

6. Fox News, January 2016, Iowa

7. ABC News, February 2016, New Hampshire

8. CBS News, February 2016, South Carolina

9. NBC/Telemundo, February 2016, Florida

Three more are pending:

10. Fox News, March 2016, location TBD

11. CNN, March 2016, location TBD

12. Conservative Media Debate, date TBD, locations TBD

Here is a story on the big time snub: http://www.businessinsider.com/gop-criticized-for-snubbing-univision-in-2016-debates-2015-1.

Shortstop Julio Lugo of course was the lead-off batter for the ‘Stros on Opening Day 2001.

Nothing to report from The Yard today.

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