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I am waiting for The Dean to put out the over-under on when Health and Human Service Commission top dog Kyle Janek will turn in his resignation.

New ‘Stro Evan Gattis will wear the numero 11. Name the Hall of Fame great who wore the numero 11 for the ‘Stros in 1967? Hint: He has something in common with Gattis.

$57,000: That is how much the Harris County Sheriff has in his campaign account for those wondering if he will make the race for H-Town Mayor. Commentary thought he would have a lot more than that, after all, you need a lot more than that. Meanwhile, State Rep. Sylvester Turner is sitting on a million or so assuming he can use it and spend it. Council Member Oliver Pennington has $116,000 in his account. Council Member Stephen Costello has $275,000 plus another $250,000 that he has raised in the last week.

As a member of the Texas Legislature, Rep. Turner cannot raise campaign funds until after the legislative session ends. But he is sitting on a million and he can still call potential donors and ask them to write him a check in June.

Council Members Costello and Pennington are picking up checks right now. Same goes for the other candidates.

The clock is ticking so to speak on the Sheriff. Of course, we all know his situation. Once he says he is running for H-Town Mayor, he has to turn in his Sheriff’s badge and then the GOP Commissioners Court will name a GOP Sheriff.

We also know that H-Town’s fundraising rules are in a state of flux right now so what is to prevent the Sheriff from holding fundraisers, raising money and build up his war chest under the guise of getting ready for his 2016 reelection bid– wink, wink – and then hold off on making a Mayoral announcement until the Spring or early Summer. He could go this route but risk missing out on going through the early screening and endorsement processes of various groups and organizations.

The other challenge he faces is the reluctance of “players” to stand on the sidelines and wait until he makes a decision. All the other candidates are reaching out to the “players” and securing commitments. It is hard to “keep your powder dry” these days.

The conventional thinking from the handicappers the day after the campaign finance reports were submitted is that Rep. Turner has an edge – some may go on and say he is the frontrunner. Commentary won’t go there. I prefer to wait to see what happens over the next five months. Now that fundraising has begun in earnest and “players” are focused on November, 2015, let’s see which campaigns can grow, generate a buzz, and engage the electorate.

Back to the Sheriff’s $57,000 question – to use a football term – let’s see if they are good at clock management so stay tuned!

Hall of Fame great Eddie Mathews of course wore the number 11 for the ‘Stros in 1967 and like Gattis, Mathews played with The ATL.

We now have four catchers on the roster – huh!

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