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Now at least we know what we have to do. Or do we?

I said this earlier in the week:

Before the election, some in the GOP were worried about Dems making progress in the Lone Star State. Since the election I have yet to hear a concern from key GOPer that Dems are a threat anytime soon. That ought to tell you something.

Check out what Burkablog said on the last day of 2014:

I was surprised to read that Wendy Davis intends to make another run at public office, as yet unspecified. Among other things, she has retracted her support for open carry. But it is hard to see what kind of future Davis has, particularly when Battleground Texas proved to be as much of a disaster as the rest of the Davis organization. If Battleground has no future, what is the point of Davis running?

The governor’s race proved that there is no constituency for Democrats here. It is going to take years, perhaps decades, before there is likely to be any significant change in Texas politics. The margin of Abbott’s victory in the governor’s race is all anyone needs to know about the course of Texas politics going forward: more of same. Texas is a red state, arguably the reddest of red states, and it’s hard to see how the Democrats can change the course of Texas politics.

I am not going to argue with Burkablog on his take. I will note that we are not seeing any articles these days about potential Dems that could be running statewide in the next election cycles. That is our new reality. I mentioned a few weeks ago that Dems ought to focus on small ball. We have to go local and recognize that we have to build and that starts at home. I have said before that if we are ever going to compete on a statewide level, it starts here in Harris County.

On the Battleground Texas effort, I don’t know those folks. Scoreboard and box scores pretty much sums it up. I will say this. If we have to rely on folks from outside of the Lone Star State to show us the way, then that ought to tell us something. If we can’t do it on our own, then we ought to get used to getting run by the GOP.

The MLB Hall of Fame will announce the newest inductees next Tuesday. Pitching great Randy Johnson is expected to be get inducted. When the Big Unit was a ‘Stro back in 1998 what was his won-loss record for us?

The folks over at the LBJ Library are not happy with the portrayal of LBJ in the new “Selma” flick. All I can say is make your own flick on LBJ.

Randy Johnson of course was 10-1 with the ‘Stros in 1998 and also posted a 1.28 ERA.

Nothing to report from The Yard today.

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