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Channel 13’s Ted Oberg tweeted this a couple of days ago:

Ted Oberg @tedoberg • Dec 10
I’ve been BLOCKED! @SheriffGarcia blocked me and @trentseibert after this story aired last night: http://abc13.com/429120/.

Oh well, maybe this was an accidental block.

Commentary has certainly had his share of disagreements with media coverage and stories, but that is all they are – disagreements. I don’t hold grudges or that kind of stuff. I just move on.

I would hope that the Sheriff’s folks didn’t block Ted and Trent. That would be kind of silly and unproductive. What is accomplished? Absolutely nothing!

Yesterday Texas Monthly handed out their 2014 Bum Steer Award to Team Davis. Was Team Davis worthy of the award? Scoreboard says so. 2014 wasn’t pretty for Lone Star State Dems. I wonder who is going to accept the award for Team Davis.

CEWDEM kind of responded by saying nice stuff about Sen. Davis but did not “block” Texas Monthly so to speak. Here is from CEWDEM:

I think all should remember that Wendy Davis is a good and decent human being who was willing to put her life and herself on hold for almost two years to carry the torch of the Democratic Party in the last election. She fell short – hardly the first person to suffer the fate – but she does not deserve the ridicule and truly unflattering articles and caricatures she has gotten since her loss. Personally, she gave what she could. She was served badly by mercenaries and that is the shame here – that we have allowed the privatization of politics – whose leaders are in it for a buck and those followers who work their hearts out with the only goal of making a better Texas are used and then disillusioned. I am proud that Harris County Democratic Party Chair Lane Lewis, on behalf of the Democrats of Harris County, has extended an invitation to Senator Wendy Davis, and she has accepted, to be the special guest on January 29 at the Toast to a Blue Year – 2015, gathering where we can all stop by and say “THANKS” and hug her neck for the herculean effort put forth on our behalf. Other statewide candidates have been invited, have accepted and will be in attendance. Bum Steer? – Wendy Davis? – hardly! Harris County says Thank you!

Now that was nice!

The final episode of “The Newsroom” will air Sunday night and I will be watching – just me and a little more than a million folks. Apparently, it wasn’t a hit with media big shots and they nailed it from the beginning. They liked Aaron Sorkin’s “The West Wing” but not Sorkin’s “The Newsroom.” I don’t know why. I loved “The West Wing” but never really believed that is how the real West Wing operates. I love “The Newsroom” but don’t really believe that is how newsrooms operate. I have said it before – it’s entertainment. The media elites, err critics obviously were not entertained.

Commentary mentioned the ‘Stros signed relievers Pat Neshak and Luke Gregerson. Of the two, who has the most post season experience?

BTW: 40 years ago today, “The Godfather, Part II” was released.

BTW: 14 years ago today, Bush v. Gore was decided.

Commentary is a fan of Jennifer Aniston. I am glad to see she is getting some recognition for her latest role in “Cake.” She just got nominated for Best Actress by SAG and the Golden Globes.

Pat Neshak of course went to the playoffs with the Twins (2006), A’s (2012), and San Luis (2014) and Luke Gregerson went with the A’s last season.

Maybe both will be introduced to the local media today at The Yard.

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