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Every now and then Commentary checks in on Politico to see what is going on with national politics. Sitting in H-Town in the Lone Star State you kind of feel like a spectator of sorts. I ran across this today about MoveOn.org. Do they have an H-Town or Lone Star State presence and how relevant are they on the national scene as compared to 2008? Check this:

MoveOn.org is urging Sen. Elizabeth Warren to enter the presidential race.

The liberal group plans to spend $1 million a campaign to push the Massachusetts Democrat to run in the 2016 election, according to a report Tuesday in The New York Times.

MoveOn.org’s director, Ilya Sheyman, told the Times that the draft-Warren campaign would involve opening offices in Iowa and New Hampshire and starting a “Run Warren Run” website where backers can sign a petition urging her to jump into the race for the White House.

“We want to demonstrate to Senator Warren that there’s a groundswell of grass-roots energy nationally and in key states and to demonstrate there’s a path for her,” Sheyman said. “Voters are looking for bold solutions about how you fix a rigged system in which middle- and working-class families are falling behind.”

Sheyman told Warren’s office just last week about the impending effort, although her staff insists that the senator is not running for president.

Among active MLBers, name the player with the highest career batting average?

The Royals are in New York City. They went to a Cavs-Nets basketball game last night and afterwards posed with LeBron James and he had his arm around the Duchess of Cambridge’s shoulder and she didn’t say “I can’t breathe.”

When the Lone Star State celebrated its Sesquicentennial – 150th birthday – back in 1986 – Prince Charles visited the State Capitol to participate in the festivities. He was going to walk through the Governor’s Office and as staffers we were told that we could look at him walk past but we could not approach him, speak to him, and certainly not shake his hand – the protocol thing I guess.

Along the lines of the MoveOn.org story, there is a story in Politico about the lefties in the Dem Party wanting to take over. I guess they have had enough of this centrist Dem BS. I really don’t have a problem with this debate like I don’t have a problem with MoveOn.org and their 2016 strategy. We need to have a discussion. We need to get in shape. Here is a little from Politico:

The extreme right has power, and that’s something the left hasn’t had much of for a long time. But in the aftermath of the party’s disastrous midterm performance, it’s very possible that the Democratic Party leadership will be facing its own Tea Party-style insurgency from the other side of the spectrum. “You’re going to get a fight within the Democratic Party. There is a substantial disagreement coming up,” Rep. Jerry Nadler, an outspoken Congressional Progressive Caucus member, recently told the Wall Street Journal.

The only question is, how serious a fight will it be? Will it be a polite spat that results in what has happened most often before—the fast marginalization of the left, with the best elements of the various critiques being stitched together by a centrist Hillary Clinton, or whoever is the nominee in 2016? Or are the populists ready to stage their own grassroots rebellion, setting their sights on eradicating all corporate influence from the Democrats and undermining any attempt by President Obama to compromise with Republicans by any means necessary?

Here it is the entire story:

What is a centrist Dem anyway? I don’t think the 2012 DNC Platform or the 2014 Lone Star State Dem Platform are centrist statements.

Also on a related note, folks complain about not being able to get the 2008 and 2012 Dem voters to show up this past midterm election and these are the same folks that didn’t want the President out campaigning who by the way was the reason the 2008 and 2012 voters voted – duh!

Miguel Cabrera of course leads all active MLBers with a .320 career batting average.

The ‘Stros still have not made any moves.

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