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Yesterday on the laptop I watched the Houston City Council Ad Hoc Charter Review Committee meeting. During the meeting I tweeted out the following:

Marc Campos @MarcCommentary • 2h 2 hours ago
Houston City Council Ad Hoc Charter Review Committee recommends putting proposed changes on November, 2015 ballot. #HouNews #houcouncil

Marc Campos @MarcCommentary • 2h 2 hours ago
CM Kubosh acknowledging 34,000 petition signatures wants to put a feeding the homeless city charter proposal on the ballot. #HouNews

Marc Campos @MarcCommentary • 1h 1 hour ago
An Asst. City Atty. just gave state definition of Executive Session and that would go down in flames in November. #HouNews #transparency

The committee is going to try to finish their business by the end of next March by holding six meetings – two a month (one during the day and one in the evening) beginning in January. They have decided to consider six topics: terms, term limits, Rev Cap, Executive Sessions, feeding the homeless, and Council Members putting items on the City Council agenda.

They are recommending that any proposed charter changes be placed on the November, 2015 ballot.

If I am Vegas and I have to set a betting line on this, I would say right now all go down the drain. The Rev Cap and Executive Session issues are the ones that arouse the usual suspicions. The hardline Rev Cap supporters probably don’t want any tinkering to the status quo. During the meeting, Council Member C.O. Bradford pointed out that the public’s thinking on Executive Sessions has changed over the past decades – it is the transparency thing. CM Bradford is right. Here is a bit from the Chron:

Other jurisdictions that operate under the state’s executive session guidelines have done so for a long time, Bradford said.

“Other jurisdictions have it, and they have it because they’ve had it for decades and decades,” Bradford said. “I bet they could not get it now.”

He is right.

If Council Member Michael Kubosh’s feeding the homeless proposal is left off of the ballot it may create a voter backlash of sorts against all the other items. On the other hand a feeding the homeless proposal on the ballot could probably help the other items – go figure!

Nobody from the public took the opportunity to address the committee. Not a whole lot of folks showed up at the meeting. Now that we have a timeline and an agenda of sorts, that may all change.

Yesterday I said the MLB leader in saves last season was Fernando Rodney of the Mariners with 48. How many saves did ‘Stros pitchers record this past season?

Sears announced yesterday that they will be shutting down some more stores across the country. I only know of two that are open around these parts. One on North Shepherd and the other on Fannin on the other side of Midtown. I actually went to a Sears last year to buy a set of tires.

Growing up in Baytown the old Sears store on Texas Avenue had the coolest toy department during the Christmas Season. I used to hang there and check out all the neat stuff and newest toys. I also used to have my annual chat with Santa there in the toy department.

The Texans didn’t get a whole lot out of the top draft pick this season. He’s now out for the season.

I admit it. I spent three hours last night watching “Peter Pan.” Hey, it was a major three hour live performance! Plus it had Christopher Walken. I thought Allison Williams came through with flying colors – pardon the pun! It was a great production.

The ‘Stros of course recorded 31 saves this past season.

The new Skipper said last night that he and his family would be moving to H-Town. They want to be part of the community. Let me recommend Chilosos on 20th for some pretty good breakfast tacos.

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