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It has now been three weeks since Dems have gotten their arses run here in the Lone Star State and nobody is really saying anything about what do Dems do now. The 19 point plus whipping of the Dem statewide candidates down the line has pretty much quieted any talk about 2016 and 2018 and beyond. It is time for small ball instead of the big inning.

In baseball, small ball is a strategy where you manufacture runs by utilizing the bunt, stealing bases, the hit and run, walks, hitting behind the runner, and contact hitting. You have to use this strategy if your offense is short of bashers. The big inning is a strategy where you rely heavily on the extra base hit, the walks, dingers, and have the capability of scoring a lot of runs in an inning. You need to have a lineup that includes a few power hitters and fence swingers.

Moving forward, Dems in the Lone Star State should consider utilizing the small ball strategy. We need to look at where we can pick up a run here and there. Let’s look at the map and see here we have a shot at a legislative seat, a county commissioner, county judgeship, district judgeship, county clerk, JP, constable – you get the picture. In a state with 254 counties, don’t tell me there are not any opportunities.

We are not ready for big inning play and I am not talking about a lack of quality statewide candidates. We had a good slate this past go-around. We just didn’t have the weapons to swing for the fences – a solid, organized, and energetic base. We build the base by playing small ball and picking up a run here and there. That’s how you manufacture some Ws.

Of the players listed on the new Hall of Fame ballot, Barry Bonds has the most career dingers with 762. Of the players listed on the ballot, who has the second most?

Speaking of wins and losses, AG Abbott says he will file suit against the President on his immigration actions. Where can you find AG Abbott’s won and loss record against the President on lawsuits?

I watched the Ferguson announcement last night live on CBS and I just have to wonder why the prosecutor had to call out the media. Maybe it has something to do with the well-deserved bad publicity his ‘hood got on a worldwide stage. What a dumbarse! And why make the announcement at night?

I guess the folks in SD 18 all have good paying jobs, great health insurance plans, super roads and highways, all the kids are getting the best education, and they all have their college tuition lined-up, because the only issue that matters is border security. Oh well!

Sammy Sosa of course is on the Hall of Fame ballot with 609 career dingers.

BTW: Baggy is also on the Hall of Fame ballot.

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