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A new Harris County Constable for Precinct 6 will be selected Friday or Monday. I think it will be the third Constable ever in the history of Precinct 6. The Chron reported last week that the Constable selected would be a placeholder or caretaker meaning he or she would agree not to run in 2016. We will see.

This tweet just came in:

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County Commissioner Jack Morman says he hopes to have nominee to replace Constable Victor Trevino in time for vote on Friday or Monday..

The State Senate District 18 Special Election campaign is underway. In 2012, 198,175 SD 18 voters voted for Mitt Romney and 92,809 for the President. I wonder how many of the 92,809 President supporters will vote in the special.

It has been two weeks since the election and Politico now has a story on what went wrong with Battleground Texas. Politico is kind of saying that the folks in charge of Battleground Texas need to be from the Lone Star State and not the out-of-towners. That kind of make sense to me, but then again who from the Lone Star State is worthy? It is not as if anybody around has a whole lot of experience with winning statewide races for Dems lately.

Well anyway, here is a piece of Poltico:

In January 2013, Jeremy Bird, the former field director for the Obama campaign, announced the formation of Battleground Texas to much fanfare and media attention. Backed by a number of major Democratic donors, the new effort was committed to turning Texas blue by rebuilding party infrastructure, recruiting strong candidates, registering new voters and turning out those whose voting history was erratic at best. Bird would be the overall strategist and spokesman for the effort while Jenn Brown, an Obama veteran from Ohio, would move to the state to oversee daily operations. In the end, Battleground Texas would raise a hefty nine million dollars to finance its operations.

Many observers believe Battleground Texas made a strategic mistake right from the start. Rather than recruit a prominent Texas Democrat to serve as nominal chairman or prime spokesman for the effort, Battleground Texas chose two non-Texan Obama organizers, Bird and Brown, to be the faces of the organization. Working apart from the existing state and county Democratic organizations, Battleground was viewed by some as an invading army made up of outside political operatives who might have understood politics better than the local folk, but who couldn’t relate. As Glenn Smith, a longtime Texas Democratic consultant, notes, “You have to speak Texan if you’re going to do well here. They didn’t. There was this belief after 2012 that if ya waved this turnout wand you would wake up some progressive majority. It didn’t exist.”

Here is all of Politico:

Everybody knows that Jose Altuve led the ‘Stros in stolen bases this past season with 56. Who had the second most stolen bases for the ‘Stros?

I am thinking that the President’s executive action on immigration will end up being a great move. He will for sure get the support from Latinos. Throw in some key business leaders. Throw in some key clergy. It will be a plus.

Jonathan Villar of course had 17 stolen bases and was second behind Altuve.

No news to report from The Yard today.

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