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Some Latino Votes

In two H-Town Second Ward precincts, AG Abbott won 30% and 21% of the vote versus Sen. Wendy Davis 67% and 77%.

In a Denver Harbor box Davis won 72% to 26%.

In two Magnolia Park boxes it was Davis 76% and 68% to 22% and 29%.

The Denver Harbor box had a 21% turnout and the Magnolia boxes 19% turnout in each.

My precinct had a 49% turnout and went 64% to 34% Davis.

Obviously turnout is a big problem in the Latino neighborhoods. As far as I am concerned Dems should do better in those Latino neighborhoods.

B’More skipper Buck Showalter won the AL Manager of the Year Award. Showalter has also won the award with two other teams. Name the teams?

Lone Star State GOP operatives are continuing to have their laughs at the expense of Dems. First it was Battleground Texas and now yesterday. The losing Dem nominee for U.S. Senate lashed out at the folks running the Dem Party for allegedly dissing his Senate campaign. Here are some tweets from yesterday:

Dr. David Alameel ‏@DrDavidAlameel 13h13 hours ago
Alameel Calls for an Uprising in the Democratic Party

And then this tweet:

Elizabeth Pancotti ‏@ENPancotti 8h8 hours ago
Inbox: Dr. David Alameel, former Democrat candidate for US Senate/Republican donor, rips apart Texas Democratic Party

And finally this tweet from someone at the State Dem Party:

Will Hailer ‏@willhailer 23m23 minutes ago
.@DrDavidAlameel underperformed all Democrats, even Jim Hogan who didn’t campaign. When a finger points, four go back to you.

If this Alameel fella underperformed, I’d like to know which Dems performed.

And was it really necessary for the State Dem Party to respond to Alameel. Come on! They are just making themselves look more dysfunctional on the twitterverse and handing the GOP more laughs.

Buck Showalter of course was the AL Manager of the Year for the Yankees (1994) and the Rangers (2004).

In today’s Chron:

Root Sports Houston will debut Monday as the new television home of the Astros and Rockets with the Rockets’ road game at Memphis.

Good for the H-Town area!

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