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Let’s Go Local

Best line of the past weekend was on a national radio talk show and some guy calls in and says “how can you expect minority voters to go to the polls when the most powerful man in the world is a minority and his party doesn’t want him to be out campaigning.”

In today’s Chron there is a story on the Lone Star State Dems and what is next.

There is also a story in today’s Chron on Sen. Wendy Davis and what is next.

There is also a story on Texas House Speaker Joe Straus and his battle with the tea party.

There is also a story on the race to replace State Sen. Glenn Hager.

I have to give the Chron props for their election coverage in 2014. In my opinion they did their part to inform their readers. They provided more election and political coverage than I have seen in quite a while.

MLB has a team in Japan this week playing a few exhibition games. Name the ‘Stros on the MLB team?

It looks like the Chron is getting ready to cover next year’s local races. This past weekend they had a story on some candidate who is challenging in court the City of H-Town campaign contributions ordinance. This candidate doesn’t like the blackout period and he probably has a point of sorts.

I am thinking too that some candidates are going to get into the race trying to ride an anti-equal rights ordinance wave. Good luck.

I really don’t think that is what city voters want to hear. They want a discussion on safe neighborhoods, good streets, less congestion, and a Mayor and City Hall who are taking care of business.

I am ready for that discussion.

I watched the season premiere of “The Newsroom” last night and I was entertained. Just like I was entertained by “The Good Wife” and “Madam Secretary.”

Jose Altuve, Chris Carter, Dexter Fowler, and Jose Veras of course are in Japan playing on the MLB squad.

No word yet on when the new network will start airing.

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