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Battle Weary Dems

Folks are criticizing Battleground Texas and others that were in charge of the Dem effort here in the Lone Star State. Hey, that goes with the territory if you are in charge. I am having a tough time trying to see if there are any bright spots to talk about.

Here is a bit from the front page of today’s Chron:

Cari Parker signed up back in early 2013 to make a difference, to help a grass-roots political group named Battleground Texas change the Lone Star State from red to purple, and make it a place where Democrats could compete in statewide elections once again.

“For all the work, it went the other way,” Parker, 28, said Wednesday, the day after the election, which saw Democrats post their worst statewide losses in years.

“I feel like roadkill,” said Parker, one of 34,000 Battleground volunteers across Texas. “Nothing worked.”

Of course she is just a volunteer so what does she know?

The Battleground principals are staunchly defending their effort. Heck, I guess if I raised and spent 9 million bucks I would be defending what I did. To admit it was all for nothing would be damaging to the cred if you know what I mean.

Still, there are a number of press articles out there today reviewing the effort and its effectiveness.

Name the last catcher to win the AL MVP Award?

I am really disappointed in what happened here in Harris County.

The following three Harris County Texas House legislative districts are GOP held. The number in parentheses is the voter turnout rate for this past Tuesday’s election. Dist. 126 (35.91%), Dist. 127 (39.11%), and Dist. 129 (38.19%) for 114,652 total votes.

The following three Texas House legislative districts are held by African Americans. Dist. 131 (31.21%), Dist. 139 (31.73%), and Dist. 141 (25.6%) for 71,988 total votes.

The following three Texas House legislative districts are held by Latinos. Dist. 140 (20.31%), Dist. 143 (23.64), and Dist. 144 (22.29%) for 38,419 total votes.

There are more registered voters in the GOP districts. The Latino districts have the lowest voter registration numbers. You factor in the GOP higher turnouts versus the Latino lower turnouts and you get Tuesday’s results.

Of course that is not news. Just how hard is it to get better Latino turnout numbers in a November mid-term election here in Harris County?

My pal Dallas attorney Domingo Garcia went off on the Lone Star Project yesterday on his blog. Here is what he said:

The statewide results show why Washington DC political hacks like Matt Angle and the Lone star project need to kicked out of Texas politics . They lined their pockets and once again failed to run a legit ground game. The result was they lost ALL races they were involved in.Democrats in Texas will win when we speak about what we are for and mobilize the millions of registered voters, many Latino , black, Asian , and young who do not vote!


My pal Jay Root of the Trib has a good piece on the Team Davis effort here:

The President said yesterday that he is moving forward on executive action on immigration and some GOPers are not happy. Too bad! Go for it Mr. President! Si se puede!

In 2009, Twins catcher Joe Mauer of course won the AL MVP Award.

The ‘Stros traded for a back-up catcher yesterday.

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