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Ending Soon

Today is the last day of Early Voting in Person. In 2010, 59,644 showed up to vote early on the last day. That is not going to happen today.

As of yesterday (Oct. 30), 320,381 have Voted Early in Person or mailed in a ballot in Harris County. In 2010, 447,701 Voted Early in Person and by mail. So as of yesterday, we are at 71.6% of the 2010 pre-election day turnout. We had 55,560 total mail ballots returned in 2010, we are at 64,729 as of yesterday.

Did you know that if George P. Bush win his bid for Land Commissioner, he will be the first Bush not to lose his first race for office? Now you know!

The Giants picked World Serious MVP Madison Bumgarner with the tenth pick in the first round of the 2007 MLB Amateur Player Draft. Who was the first pick of that draft?

The Chron’s Nick Anderson has a killer cartoon today on The Mayor. Check it out here: http://blog.chron.com/nickanderson/2014/10/plague-of-locust/.

Did I say ouch!

As we wind down the campaign season, here is some bold talk from AG Abbott.

From the Trib:

Abbott has run ads in Spanish and campaigned heavily in the Rio Grande Valley, setting a goal of winning Cameron County and breaking 45 percent in Hidalgo County, both Democratic strongholds in predominately Latino South Texas.

Abbott said he had been to the region “16 or 17 times” during the campaign.

“We’ve devoted a lot of resources down there, a lot of time down there,” Abbott told reporters. “We have more people on the ground in the Rio Grande Valley than Rick Perry had in the entire state of Texas.”

Noting that his wife would become the first Hispanic first lady of Texas if he’s elected, Abbott said he gets “great cheers” when he travels to the area and said his campaign has been “reaching out and connecting with” the fastest growing segment of the Texas population.

A Texas Lyceum Poll conducted in September showed Democratic state Sen. Wendy Davis, D-Fort Worth, with a clear lead among Hispanics in the governor’s race. But the latest University of Texas/Texas Tribune Poll showed it was a statistical dead heat among Latinos.

Davis spokeswoman Rebecca Acuna called Abbott’s predictions about the Latino vote “ludicrous,” saying he had compared the region to the “third world” and campaigned alongside GOP lieutenant governor candidate Dan Patrick, whose harsh statements about the border area and illegal immigration have drawn criticism from Hispanic leaders.

We will see!

David Price of course who is now with the Tigers was the top pick of the 2007 MLB Draft – he was selected by the Rays.

It looks like the Rockets and ‘Stros have gotten their TV deal.

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