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Holding Steady

As of yesterday (Oct. 28), 251,832 have Voted Early in Person or mailed in a ballot in Harris County. In 2010, 447,701 Voted Early in Person and by mail. So as of yesterday, we are at 56.25% of the 2010 pre-election day turnout. We had 55,560 total mail ballots returned in 2010, we are at 60,400 as of yesterday.

A quick review of Early Voting locations in Latino neighborhoods STILL has me concerned. Again, maybe some of those folks are now voting by mail and not in person – but still.

The Early Voting in Person locations with 1000 plus voters yesterday were Champion Forest Baptist (1,461), Kingwood Library (1,144), Freeman Library in Clear Lake (1,275), Cypress Top Park (1,265), Franz Road near Katy (1,054), West Gray (1,865), and Mendenhall (1,437). Stay tuned!

Here is what the Chron’s Theodore “Teddy” Schleifer tweeted last night:

Teddy Schleifer @teddyschleifer • 11h 11 hours ago
Local Dems counting on week 2 revival. But turnout in Harris County still down: 28,157 votes today, 35,266 in 2010. #HouNews #txgov #tx2014

Travis County also has some turnout concerns. See this from the Statesman:

Despite talk of it being a historic election, Austinites are, so far, showing about the same interest in this year’s round of politics as they usually do.

Early voting for the November election ends Friday. Twelve percent of Travis County voters had cast ballots by the end of Monday, almost exactly the same turnout as at this point in 2010, and within the range typically seen for a ballot headlined by a governor’s race, according to county election officials.

Is it the message? Is it the mechanics?

We got us a Game 7 tonight between the Giants and KC. Name the team that won the last Game 7 of a World Serious?

The word is my friend Bill King is running for H-Town Mayor. We pretty much know where Bill stands on a number of issues. Bill has a book out now called “Unapologetically Moderate.” Bill has a book signing tonight. I wonder how many folks will be showing up and I wonder how many of them will be his campaign supporters.

Yesterday I saw a tweet about a presentation over at City Hall about car collisions and red light cameras. What the heck is that all about? Are some folks thinking about making an end run on what the voters decided four years ago? It turns out the HPD folks admitted to faulty collection of the data. Doesn’t HPD have anything better to do? Here is from behind the Chron.com paywall:

Executive Assistant Chief Tim Oettmeier acknowledged the analysis was imprecise, however, noting that the data did not split neatly into four years of collisions when the cameras were in place and four years when they were not. In addition, Oettmeier said police did not examine the traffic counts at those intersections to see if the increase in collisions might be related to the streets being busier.


Some council members questioned the methodology behind the red light crash data and the purpose of including it in the presentation. Among them was Councilman Michael Kubosh, a bail bondsman who, with his brothers, led the 2010 referendum effort that got the cameras banned.

“I don’t know why it’s in this report,” he said. “There’s a charter amendment that says we’re not going to do this. There was a vote of the people; the people said no, and why you even waste your time to put this in the report to us today, I do not know. Maybe it’s that I’m sitting on council – that’s the only reason I can see.”

Oettmeier did not respond to Kubosh’s comments, but said later that he included the camera information to anticipate questions about whether HPD still needs as many police officers with its large recent investments in technology.

I agree with CM Kubosh. Excuse me while I scratch my head on this one.

The Chron E-Board has a take today on the latest HCC mess here: http://www.chron.com/opinion/editorials/article/HCC-accusations-5854112.php.

The new College Playoff Committee announced their first round of rankings last night. A couple of former college football coaches have cracked on former Sec. State and committee member Condi Rice, saying she doesn’t know anything about picking top teams. Like who does? When they finally get around to selecting the four playoff teams in December folks will still be debating who should have made it and who didn’t.

San Luis won Game 7 of the 2011 World Serious over the Rangers of course by a score of 6-2.

No decision yet on Tal’s Hill.

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