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Weekend Hopes

80,153 have voted Early in Person here in Harris County after four days. In 2010 after four days, 104,420 had voted Early in Person. Not good.

After four days we are behind 2010 by 24,000 votes and change. The Early Voting locations in Latino and African American neighborhoods are a smaller share of the total turnout in 2014 as compared to 2010. Not good at all.

It has me scratching my head. Why are some urban counties in the Lone Star State performing better than 2010 and why is Harris County lagging? We have had air time for ads. We have had pretty good local news coverage of the campaigns?

Today will be better and so will tomorrow but can we reverse the trend of the first four days? I am starting to think not.

What happened in ‘Stros history 40 years ago today?

The H-Town Mayor has named an Ad Hoc Committee of the Whole (that is every member of City Council) for the purpose of reviewing the City Charter including looking at term limits. I have said it before, if you are going to change term limits go out and build support from the community. Go gather signatures and conduct a grassroots campaign. All you do is p_ss-off voters when you make these kind of changes at the Council table. But once again, they didn’t ask me!

40 years ago today the ‘Stros acquired Jose Cruuuuuuuuuz from San Luis of course.

Hey, remember to wish my great friend State Rep. Carol Alvarado a Happy Birthday this Sunday!

The 2014 World Serious resumes tonight.

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