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Vote Early

In today’s Chron, the Harris County Clerk predicts about 400,000 early votes in the County in the next couple of weeks. In 2012, 700,983 Voted Early in Person. In 2010, 392,141 Voted Early in Person.

As of Friday (Oct. 17) here in Harris County, 86,446 mail ballot applications have been submitted. 38,430 of the applications have been generated by the Democratic Party or Democratic candidate campaigns and 36,731 by the GOP and GOP candidate campaigns.

Two years ago in 2012 in Harris County, 47,093 showed up to Vote Early in person on Day One. Are we ready for today?

This MLB Hall of Fame great would be 83 today if he were still around. He is also my favorite MLBer of all time. Who am I talking about?

A Team Davis door-hanger was dropped off at my place this past Saturday. It asked me to go Early Vote in Person at West Gray. No thanks! I prefer Moody because it is closer and more convenient. (Two miles and five minutes versus 3.7 miles and ten minutes.) The door-hanger also appeared to be geared toward the African American voter. No big deal!

I put up the following Mike Sullivan tweet from last Friday and it turned out to be incorrect and wrong. Oh well!

Mike Sullivan ‏@CMMikeSullivan 39m39 minutes ago
Mayor Annise Parker just told this audience “I will bring a term limits change to city council agenda. I want to be mayor longer”.

If you want to check out the Channel 11 poll, go here: http://www.khou.com/story/news/politics/2014/10/19/abbott-patrick-command-big-leads-in-khou–houston-public-media-poll/17586309/.

Oh well!

The Latino Dems’ favorite critic, Ruben Navarrette, Jr., pooh-poohs the Dems’ effort to get the Latino vote in his latest column. Here is how he ends his column:

The fog is lifting. Democrats haven’t been there when Latinos needed them. On Election Day, Latino voters are going to return the favor.

Here is his column: http://www.chron.com/opinion/outlook/article/Navarrette-Signs-of-a-Great-Awakening-5830610.php.

I don’t agree with Navarrette.

Mickey Mantle of course was born 83 years ago today.

This evening H-Town will once again be focused on the Texans.

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