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I put out this yesterday and it got some buzz:

In 2010, here in Harris County, 54,625 folks voted by mail. 24,231 went straight GOP and 11,448 went straight Dem. 31,101 voted for Governor Perry and 22,875 for Bill White.

In 2012, 75,177 voted by mail with 28,608 going straight GOP and 19,557 going Dem. 43,270 voted for Mitt Romney and 31,414 voting for the President.

As of yesterday here in Harris County, 80,641 mail ballot applications have been submitted. 36,910 of the applications have been generated by the Democratic Party or Democratic candidate campaigns and 34,381 by the GOP and GOP candidate campaigns.

Here are the new numbers:

As of yesterday (Oct. 8) here in Harris County, 82,129 mail ballot applications have been submitted. 37,250 of the applications have been generated by the Democratic Party or Democratic candidate campaigns and 35,230 by the GOP and GOP candidate campaigns.

Now what I didn’t say because I didn’t know until I checked was in 2012, the Harris County Clerk mailed out a little over 92,000 mail ballots and 76,000 were returned. That means 16,000 or so never made it back and didn’t get counted. I am figuring the Dems know this and are following up if you know what I mean. Dems are not going to let the mail ballots sit at home. Regardless, this looks like a pretty impressive effort. Just to approach the 2012 figure is A-Okay. Nice work! Keep following up!

B’More will host KC for the first two games in the ALCS. B’More last won the World Serious in 1983. Who did they beat?

The First Lady taped some radio ads for Team Davis. That’s a good move. AG Abbott has already injected The President into the race so The First Lady can only help – got it!

AG Abbott has $30 mil in the bank and he’s selling his campaign signs. Go figure! Here is what his campaign tweeted yesterday:

Texans for Abbott ‏@AbbottCampaign 7h7 hours ago
Get your Abbott for Governor yard sign today with a $14 contribution!

Here is the link if you want to score one:

Today the Chron E-Board endorsed in local state house races – 4 Dems and 3 GOPers. Here they are:

It is too bad all news 92.1 FM didn’t work out. I guess the days of an all local news radio station in H-Town are history. Folks have a lot of choices to get their news these days and I guess when they are driving around they would rather hear talk radio, sports talk, Bluetooth audio, Sirius, CDs, NPR, or other FM tunes stations. Of course, if there ever is a breaking kick arse local news story that is deserving of live coverage, you aren’t going to hear about it on the radio.

In 1983, B’More won the World Series over the Phillies in five of course.

It looks like the ‘Stros/Rockets TV mess may be coming to a resolution in case anyone cares.

The only thing folks care about today is TNF at NRG this evening so take the afternoon off and get ready!

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