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In 2010, here in Harris County, 54,625 folks voted by mail. 24,231 went straight GOP and 11,448 went straight Dem. 31,101 voted for Governor Perry and 22,875 for Bill White.

In 2012, 75,177 voted by mail with 28,608 going straight GOP and 19,557 going Dem. 43,270 voted for Mitt Romney and 31,414 voted for the President.

As of yesterday here in Harris County, 80,641 mail ballot applications have been submitted. 36,910 of the applications have been generated by the Democratic Party or Democratic candidate campaigns and 34,381 by the GOP and GOP candidate campaigns. Now that my friends is very interesting.

Congrats to the Dems! Keep up the good work!

San Luis eliminated the Dodgers from the playoffs last night. According to today’s Chron, how much is the Dodgers’ payroll this season?

Today the Chron E-Board endorsed in races for probate courts – three GOPers and one Dem. Check it out here: http://www.chron.com/opinion/recommendations/article/Probates-courts-5807712.php.

In her column today, Lisa Falkenberg calls on AG Abbott to stop appealing the same-sex marriage ruling. It is a loser she says. She’s right but he won’t.

I am going to stop watching CNN. They are falling down on the job. I had to learn this morning from a Sen. Dan Patrick ad that ISIS is at our border.

All news 92.1 FM is old news or gone news or no longer news.

The Dodgers paid their players $256 mil according to the Chron.

The ‘Stros paid their players $44 mil and change.

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