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Over 2 Million!

We have never had a general election where here in Harris County we had over 2 million voters on the rolls. Here is from the Chron a couple of days ago:

Harris County leaders are expected to announce record-setting numbers of registered voters on Monday. As of last Wednesday, the county had 2.05 million voters, but fewer than half are expected to cast ballots this election cycle. Between 30 and 40 percent of registered voters in Harris County participated in recent midterm elections.

About 5 percent of the voters registered in the county this election cycle are new voters.

Can we outdo the “fewer than half are expected to cast ballots this election cycle” prediction?

Here in Harris County, in 2006, 601,186 out of 1,902,822 voted or 31.59% turnout. Dems won the straight party vote 50.9% to 48.04% and Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson bested Barbara Radnofsky 56.47% to 41.26%. That was the year we had Guv Dude, Chris Bell, Carole Strayhorn, and Kinky Friedman running for governor.

In 2008, the Barack Obama year, 1,188,731 out of 1,892,656 voted or 62.81% turnout. Dems won the straight ticket 52.94% to 46.51% and Obama won with 50.45%. Dems also had a near sweep of countywide offices.

In 2010, the year of the Tea Party, 798,995 out of 1,917,534 voted or 41.67% turnout. The GOP routed Dems in straight party voting 54.33% to 45%. Bill White carried the county but all other Dems got beat pretty bad.

Two years ago, we had 1,942,566 registered voters and 1,204,167 showed up to vote or 61.99% turnout and the President edged Mitt Romney 49.39% to 49.31%.

This year isn’t 2006 or 2010. Immigration has replaced Obamacare as the GOP’s boogeyman, but this issue cuts both ways. Both major candidates for Governor have a significant presence on TV and the races are getting a lot of local media coverage – a whole lot more. And finally, dollars are being spent on local Spanish language media.

So where are we headed? Certainly not the 31.59% turnout of 2006. I am leaning north of the 41.67% turnout of 2010. I just see a whole lot more activity by Dems this go around so stay tuned!

San Luis third baseman Matt Carpenter hit his third dinger of the NLDS last night against the Dodgers. That’s three dingers in three games. Where did Carpenter go to high school?

Commentary has made it pretty clear that I love “The Good Wife.” This season we have had cameos from the great Gloria Steinem and The White House’s Valerie Jarrett. It looks like Alicia Florrick may run for office so stay tuned!

Commentary also is a huge fan of “60 Minutes.” Here us what I tweeted during Sunday’s show when FBI Director James Comey was being interviewed:

@FBI Director prefers the term #LoneRat over #LoneWolf when referring to potential home grown violent extremists in the #USA. #60Minutes

I can handle that.

Commentary has also been watching the new “Madam Secretary” with Tea Leoni that airs between “60 Minutes” and “The Good Wife.” Some are saying that the show is kind of promoting Hillary Clinton. Duh, I don’t think so. The only similarities are that they are both women. Secretary McCord has 20 years of service in the CIA. Secretary Clinton had 8 years of service in the U.S. Senate. Secretary McCord has three school age children living with her at home, Secretary Clinton didn’t. Secretary McCord’s hubby is a college professor. Secretary Clinton’s hubby is a former President. Hey, it is Sunday night TV so chill.

Matt Carpenter of course went to high school down the road at Elkins in Missouri City.

I forgot to mention that the ‘Stros’ Dallas Keuchel led all AL pitchers with tossing five complete games this past season How about that!

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