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Scandalous or Scandaless

Team Davis is trying to pin the latest Texas Enterprise Fund mess on AG Abbott. A few years ago Abbott refused to let the public see documents that didn’t exist – got it.

Aside from Guv Dude and the folks that benefitted from the fund nobody has really had anything good to say about the TEF but nobody has done anything about it. The press has written some stories but other than that there hasn’t been any oversight. Why should we expect the voters to give a rat’s arse five weeks before Election Day?

Here is what Burkablog had to say on the matter:

When one looks at the wheeling and dealing that went on with the Texas Enterprise Fund, my question is this: Why is it not an impeachable offense? These folks used the Enterprise Fund for their private playground. They awarded $222 million to entities that, according to the Dallas Morning News, never submitted a formal application or agreed to create a specific number of jobs (all of which is required for those seeking TEF grants). Remember, these are state tax dollars that Perry and Abbott was playing fast and loose with, and he were getting goodies from campaign contributors. Abbott, not incidentally, has received $1.4 million in contributions. Isn’t he in the position of being a fiduciary with respect to the Enterprise Fund?

Readers with long memories will recall that many lawmakers regarded the TEF as a slush fund for Rick Perry at its inception. Here is the truth: Texas politics has become corrupted, and we are no better than Louisiana. The Enterprise Fund Scandal may turn out to be another Sharpstown.

Quite an indictment from Burkablog if you ask me but the voters in the current election cycle aren’t going to react any differently than they have in the past. They’ve given a free pass to those that brought us devastating cuts to public education, skyrocketing tuition, and rapidly deteriorating roads and highways – now that’s scandalous. Why should they care about folks lining up like trick-or-treaters at Guv Dude’s Mansion waiting for their state sponsored handout?

There are ten team in the MLB Playoffs. Name the team with the most World Serious championships?

Commentary watched the Lite Guv debate last night. Sen. Dan Patrick went Sen. Dan Patrick. He didn’t tone it down and in fact went on the attack against Sen. Leticia Van de Putte. There were not any gaffes or gotcha moments. You have to wonder who was watching the debate last night. Do you really think there were any undecided voters watching?

Wild Card action starts this evening with the A’s visiting KC. I don’t like that it is a one game winner takes all. I am not going to worry about it though.

San Luis of course owns 11 World Serious titles.

I watched the ‘Stros introduce the new skipper yesterday. I don’t know much about A.J. Hinch. At least he didn’t talk in sound bites yesterday.

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