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This does not surprise me and it should not surprise you. A good chunk of the Latino voting community is fed up with The President. I have watched some of the Dem Latino leaders try to defend the recent White House decision to hold off on immigration action and you can tell that they are having a difficult time reciting the talking points. All this does is dampen Latino interest in the upcoming election.

BTW: Here in Harris County mail ballots started hitting this past Friday.

Here is the HuffPo article on a recent poll of Latino voters:

President Barack Obama’s approval rating among Latino voters has taken a dive over the last two years, according to polling data from Gallup reported Friday.

Obama’s approval rating among Hispanics declined to 52 percent as of August from a peak of 74 percent early in 2013, the poll says. Despite the 22 point drop, support for Obama among Latinos remains 10 points above the national average.

The decline in support for the president comes amid wide frustration among the Latino electorate with Obama’s stance on immigration.

Earlier this month Obama declined, for the second time, to move forward with a promised executive action to offer deportation to more undocumented immigrants. The White House cited concerns that reopening the immigration debate ahead of midterms could hurt vulnerable Democrats, endangering the party’s control of the U.S. Senate.

Pollsters at Latino Decisions say their surveys indicate that disappointing them may dampen support for Democrats among Hispanic voters or depress turnout.

One major Latino group, Presente Action, called this week for its members to think twice before voting for a group of four Democratic U.S. senators facing tight reelection campaigns because they supported a procedural measure that would have called for a vote to discontinue executive actions that shield undocumented immigrants from deportation.

Others, including a coalition of 50 Latino organizations, have pressed the Hispanic community to react by showing up in larger numbers to the ballot box, in order to pressure politicians to take note of the growing size of the Hispanic electorate.

This is definitely not good news. It is what it is because this key voting bloc of the Dem Party has been let down.

Early Voting in Person starts three weeks from today.

The A’s, KC, Giants and Pirates are the four Wild Card teams. Name the four Wild Card teams from last season?

Yesterday was a very good day for baseball. I watched the ‘Stros and had the Texans on in another room. The morning started off with the ‘Stros brass deciding that Jose Altuve who was holding a three point lead in the batting title race over the Tigers’ Victor Martinez would not play. That decision didn’t sit well with respected baseball folks across the land. Thirty minutes before the game and after getting clobbered on twitterverse, the ‘Stros flip flopped and announced that Altuve would be starting. The rest is history. He went 2 for 4 and Martinez went 0 for 3. Altuve’s .341 batting average is the highest in MLB this year and it is the first ever batting title won by a ‘Stro. Altuve finished with 225 base hits, also the best in MLB. His 56 stolen bases led the AL. Most of the back page of today’s Chron sports section is devoted to Altuve’s season and what a spectacular season for Jose Altuve!

When I found out Jordan Zimmerman of the Nationals was three outs away from tossing a no-no, I switch it over in time to catch the last two outs including the no-no saving grab by left fielder Steven Souza, Jr. – wow!

Then I watched the Tigers clinch the AL Central and the A’s clinch a Wild Card slot.

Cincy, Cleveland, Pirates and Rays were last season’s Wild Card teams of course.

We finished the season at 70-92. The Red Sox, last year’s World Serious Champs, finished at 71-91. Next up is Cleveland at The Yard on April 6, 2015.

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