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I was absolutely surprised to read this in Politico this morning. I don’t know how they got this. I don’t know about this. Here is from Politico:

The 2014 election is being driven by sweeping national forces — an unpopular president, a shaky economy and, increasingly, national security.

Yet for candidates, the fundamentals of running a strong campaign matter as much as ever. And this year, some campaigns are turning out to be doozies — of the worst variety.

From repeated gaffes to destabilizing staff shakeups to unearthed skeletons from the past, all that and more is here in POLITICO’s look at the worst campaigns of 2014:


Wendy Davis: Davis’ June 2013 filibuster against a restrictive anti-abortion measure in the Texas Legislature endeared her to liberals nationwide, with everyone from House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to actress Lena Dunham voicing support. All of a sudden, it seemed, Democrats had a high-wattage candidate capable of the seemingly impossible: turning Texas blue.

It’s been all downhill from there for Davis, a candidate for Texas governor.

A Dallas Morning News story in January raised questions about inconsistencies in how she recounted her life story. In March, she had a weaker-than-expected showing against an obscure and underfunded primary opponent. A month later she was dissed by her own party’s governors association. And in June, the state senator shook up her campaign.

Meanwhile, in a conservative state that hasn’t elected a Democrat to statewide office since 1994, Davis has struggled to demonstrate that she’s focused on more than abortion rights.

A recent New York Times poll showed Davis trailing Republican state Attorney General Greg Abbott by double digits.

Here are all of Politico’s lousy campaigns: http://www.politico.com/story/2014/09/2014-worst-campaigns-111311.html?hp=t1.

I wonder what Team Davis is thinking this morning. I hope they just shrug it off. To me this is kind of old news. Oh well!

Name the Hall of Fame great with the highest all-time career batting average?

Folks need to go on-line to catch the #TrulyBrave video that aired on the “Today” show this morning.

The Chron E-Board today endorsed six local judicial candidates – all GOPers.

Today is Derek Jeter Day in NYC. Wow!

Ty Cobb of course has the highest career batting average – .367.

We got swept by the Rangers last night but Jose Altuve now leads the batting title chase by nine points.

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