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As we kick off Latino Heritage Month in a general election year, it would have been nice if the Dem folks running the local, state, and national campaigns had established the narrative that the Latino vote would be the game changer. Today I don’t see it.

Everybody knows that nationally syndicated columnist Ruben Navarrette, Jr. is a critic of the Dem Party and how the Dems use Latinos. He didn’t pull any punches today. Here are parts of his column:

Hispanic Heritage Month is that time of year when corporations, institutions and universities pause to show Hispanics how important they are. From Sept. 15 to Oct. 15, they hold luncheons, play music and serve chips and salsa on tables decorated in red, white and green – colors of the Mexican flag.

How sad that, this year, the celebration happens to come at a time when Hispanics have been bluntly reminded by both political parties that they’re not so important after all.


For the last 25 years, the political parties played along with the charade of convincing Hispanics that their numbers made them special and that they mattered. The White House usually has a reception. More chips and salsa.

This year is different. It turns out that Hispanics are single-issue voters, and the issue is respect. Deny us that, and we’re not going to give you much of a hearing on the issues you care about. It’s common sense.


As defensive spinners in both parties will tell you, Hispanics care about issues beyond immigration. Jobs, education, the economy and health care top the list. But the immigration issue is like a volcano that erupts every so often. And when the lava starts flowing, many Hispanics move the subject up the list.

Don’t look now, but the lava is flowing.

House Republicans insulted Hispanics when they refused to take up the Senate immigration bill, while pretending to want to pass some kind of reform. Then President Obama insulted Hispanics again when he promised to take executive action by the end of summer, and then backed off by pretending that he just discovered the political consequences.

Really? This White House eats and breathes politics. Obama and his advisers have known for months that pushing through some kind of executive reform before November that lets undocumented immigrants remain in the United States would put in jeopardy the re-election of a half-dozen Senate Democrats representing red states. I suspect Obama never intended to pull the trigger before the elections. He only wanted to fool Hispanic voters into thinking he would so they’d turn out to vote.

It’s disgraceful. With this White House, the emphasis is always on what Hispanics can do for them, and never about keeping promises to do something for Hispanics.

It’s no wonder that “dreamers” – those young undocumented immigrants who are eligible for work permits and now want the same for their parents – are traveling the country with a new kind of guerrilla politics.

They’re cornering prospective 2016 presidential candidates such as Hillary Clinton and Rand Paul in states like Iowa and trying to force them to tell us their position on Obama’s broken promise and what they would do to deal with immigration. They videotape the encounters and put them on YouTube. At least for this group, the days of Hispanics blindly supporting Democrats because they despise Republicans are over.

It is really a shame that as of today, Dems are clueless. The conversation with the Latino vote does not seem to be going our way. Just look what Navarrette is saying. He is not making this up. He is talking to folks. It is the reality we are dealing with right now. Here is his entire column: http://www.chron.com/opinion/outlook/article/Navarrette-Single-issue-now-drives-Hispanics-5762580.php.

Where is the Dem counterpunch? Mañana? No se puede?

Jose Altuve has 213 base hits, 43 doubles, and 53 stolen bases. Who was the last player to accomplish this feat?

Come on! We voted for the light rail lines in 2003 and now they are saying the last two lines won’t open until 2015. I wonder if there is an over–under if they will be running before the Mayor leaves office. I know how I would bet!

Another NFL player, err assaulter, was deactivated last night. Today the Chron’s Ken Hoffman chimed in on the NFL. Here is a part:

The Vikings, coming off a bad loss to New England on their home field, had plans for (Adrian) Peterson, even though under indictment for “reckless or neglectful injury to a child,” to play Sunday.

Just win, baby.

After multimillion-dollar sponsors including Radisson, McDonald’s and Anheuser-Busch expressed concern about being associated with a player accused of child abuse, the Vikings reversed field and showed Peterson the door.

Just make a profit, baby.

No surprise from a league that originally thought a player who punched the daylights out of his then-fiancee deserved a two-game slap on the wrist. The NFL has clearly lost any connection with reality.

I am disgusted and disappointed with Adrian Peterson, the Minnesota Vikings and the National Football League. I’m serious today, for a change.


The Chron E-Board came out with endorsements today for some local judicial races– mostly Dems. I am sure GOPers are going to start going after the Chron so stay tuned! Here is from the E-Board: http://www.chron.com/opinion/editorials/article/For-family-court-5762862.php.

In 1917, Hall of Fame great Ty Cobb had 225 base hits, 44 doubles, and 55 stolen bases of course.

Last night Commentary and a few others got recognized on the field before the game for being loyal fans. We were each given a cool commemorative personalized Louisville Slugger – cool.

Altuve’s two infield singles prevented Cleveland’s Carlos Carrasco from tossing a no-no against us. We wrap up the Cleveland series this evening with dollar dogs.

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