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Finally Getting Theirs

These guys are used to having it their way.

They shakedown cities that want to host the Super Bowl.

They take you to court if you use the phrase “Super Bowl” to promote your watch party for the big game.

They make you buy up all the tickets to the home game if you want to watch the game on local TV.

Nobody is better than they are in squeezing out every last fricking penny out of the consumer.

Some call them smart. Some call them greedy. Some call them bullies.

They think they are smarter than the rest of us and up until a week or so ago they didn’t think they needed us to help tell them the difference between right and wrong.

Last month they issued a two game suspension to a player who knocked unconscious his soon to be spouse. Then they came back and said they got it wrong.

Last week the two game suspension became indefinite when a tape ran online showing the vicious knockout punch.

Then they got asked the old what did they know and when did they know it and then their credibility started to resemble a chunk of Swiss cheese.

The NFL Commissioner then gave an interview and that’s when folks started to use the term – National Football Liars.

Sports and non-sports columnists, on air sports and non-sports figures, elected officials, other media, organizations, and fans started calling for the NFL Commissioner to resign.

Then we had the situation with the Panthers – yes he will play – no he didn’t.

Then there was the Viking who admittedly whooped his kid, was indicted, was deactivated, then activated – a move that was criticized and opposed by Minnesota’s governor – this morning he is deactivated.

The Raven had his images removed from his alma mater – Rutgers.

Nike won’t sell the Viking player’s jersey.

Radisson pulled out as being a sponsor of the Vikings.

NFL sponsor Budweiser issued a statement that was somewhat critical of the NFL’s handling of business. Visa and Bridgestone followed suit. Money talks!

The NFL has an image problem and they deserve it. Maybe they will finally start listening to other folks. At least for now let’s try to get them to change some of their ways because you know eventually they will get back to their arrogant selves.

There is now a heightened awareness of domestic violence and child discipline these days. The Chron E-Board and Lisa Falkenberg both take on the child discipline issue this morning. Falkenberg gets personal. Go check them out.

B’More clinched the AL East title last night. When was the last time they won the AL East?

The Chron has a piece today on the Team Davis negative ad strategy versus AG Abbott strategy of not running negative ads. I am thinking sooner than later AG Abbott will go negative. Stay tuned!

Last night was pretty special at The Yard. Jose Altuve got a standing ovation when he tied B-G-O’s club record of 210 base hits and another standing ovation when the record was broken. B-G-O, Nolan Ryan, along with 18,000 plus were in attendance.

B’More last won the AL East in 1997 of course.

I guess the only thing left is Altuve’s chase for the batting title as he holds a healthy ten point lead.

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