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Wars, Wars, Wars!

I remember. I will never forget.

It looks like the entire Obama Presidency will be consumed by war. Who would have thought? I don’t think it was supposed to be that way.

Sometimes I think it has been longer that thirteen years ago.

From the it ain’t over ‘til it’s over department, here is from Chron.com:

Democratic gubernatorial nominee Wendy Davis is trailing Republican opponent Greg Abbott by single digits for the first time this year in her campaign’s internal polling, according to a copy of it obtained by the Chronicle.

The Davis campaign’s latest survey, which was conducted last week, shows her taking 38 percent of the vote to Abbott’s 46 percent. A Rasmussen poll released last month also found Davis down by 8 percentage points.

I wonder how the Chron obtained the poll. Keep hope alive!

From the it’s over department, here is from Burkablog:

Why is Greg Abbott still raising money for his race for governor when he already has enough stashed away to win two or three races? Abbott is on his way to assembling the largest campaign war chest in Texas history, but it’s not because he’s worried about Wendy Davis.

It’s because Abbott knows he is likely to face a future race against the real threat to his political career in 2018: Dan Patrick (we might as well call him “lieutenant governor-elect”). He and Patrick are on a collision course for the Governor’s Mansion that year, when Abbott will be running for reelection and Patrick could mount a serious primary challenge.

Keep hope alive!

If this keeps up it may fall into the it ain’t over ‘til it’s over department:

Some of state Sen. Wendy Davis’ detractors are questioning her motives after she disclosed terminating two pregnancies due to serious medical issues, with one conservative writer even asking whether she really had an abortion.

“Maybe she had the abortion, maybe she didn’t. Maybe her reasons were as compelling as she claims. But the reasons Davis gives for having had her abortions are unproven and statistically unlikely,” wrote Dustin Siggins in the conservative National Review Online. Its headline: “Wendy Davis’s Convenient Abortion Stories – Struggling Texas candidate tugs heartstrings with unverifiable personal tales.”

Some political observers have warned about the potential for a backlash if Republicans unleash harsh criticism of the decisions detailed by Davis, the Democratic candidate for governor, in her new memoir.

Except for that Stephen A. idiot from ESPN’s “First Take”, I can’t find anyone that wants the NFL Commissioner to stick around. The NFL just hired a high profile figure to conduct an investigation to clear them of any wrong doing. Stay tuned!

I am skipping the MLB quiz today.

Last night Jose Altuve became the second ‘Stro to reach the 200 base hit mark. B-G-O had 210 in 1998. Altuve still leads for the MLB batting title. We played spoiler again last night and we are now 11 ahead of the last place Rangers.

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