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He has 1.2 mil twitter followers. He has staked out a good pro-Latino position on immigration reform. He doesn’t have a problem calling out the President. He has his own Sunday morning talk show on Univision and an English-speaking show on Fusion TV. I am talking about Jorge Ramos. Here is from a recent voxxi piece on Ramos:

President Barack Obama’s disappointing decision to push back his decision on immigration reform, what The Washington Post called his “immigration train wreck,” may be the consummate example of the failure of the Obama presidency.

It is also a tell-tale sign of the trouble the Democratic Party finds itself in politically, and an incredible opening for the GOP, if it can ever decide to take the courageous steps needed to broaden its base and not fumble the opportunity.

Sadly, for Latinos, it is also another broken promise from a president in whom much hope was placed, and not surprisingly it has been Univision broadcaster Jorge Ramos who has been at the forefront of the criticism.

“A promise is a promise,” Ramos tweeted Saturday, further stamping himself as the leading non-partisan Hispanic critic of President Obama. “Una promesa es una promesa.”

Obama had promised on June 30 to finally take action on immigration and his administration’s oft-criticized deportation policies. Now, facing the prospect of a ruinous midterm election, he has said he will delay such action until after the November voting.

It is especially galling for Ramos because he knows that Obama promised to introduce immigration reform in 2009 and never followed through. Obama then vowed to act before this summer, and he has again disappointed.

Now Jorge Ramos’s criticism has taken on a life of its own, not only because he’s perhaps the best nationally known Latino advocating progressive immigration reform, but also by the fact that Univision and its new Fusion network offer him the biggest platform in Spanish and English enjoyed by any Hispanic leader.

It’s not that some Latino Democratic leaders haven’t also been critical of Obama’s broken promises, but their criticism has been understandably muted by comparison – their own party’s fate is at stake, after all.

Latino Democrats and partisans also are not about to call the president and their party’s leader a bald-faced liar, which is what Ramos effectively has called Obama. He can get away with it — perhaps because he’s not beholden to the Democratic Party, but possibly because of that charming accented English of his that allows him to be harsher than he actually sounds.

Any other journalist might be accused of being rude, but not Jorge Ramos, who perhaps should be called the linguistic Barack Obama. Like Obama at the height of his popularity in 2008, Ramos is a man of color whose presence and style don’t immediately alienate a white audience.

But Ramos does have some of those Latino Democratic leaders pulling at their hair, because they fear that his criticism only adds more fuel to the fire potentially burning their party’s hopes this fall as they try to hold control of at least one chamber of Congress for President Obama’s final two years in office.

Here is the entire piece: http://voxxi.com/2014/09/09/jorge-ramos-criticizes-obama-immigration/.

I will say this. Ramos does have the audience and folks certainly pay attention to him. A case could be made that today he is the most interesting man in the Latino community. Stay political thirsty my friend!

The ‘Stros are looking for a new Skipper. Name the former ‘Stros Skipper with the most games as a ‘Stros Skipper?

I have to hand it to Norah O’Donnell of CBS News for her handling of her interview yesterday with the NFL Commissioner. Here is what I tweeted yesterday:

Nice job by @NorahODonnell this evening to make @nflcommish look totally clueless. #NFL #DomesticViolenceAwareness

Here is what MLB.com’s Alyson Footer tweeted:

This Goodell interview is absolutely comical. He is a terrible liar.


He could have sent an intern over w/2 autographed footballs and gotten a copy of the tape.

I will say this. If Goodell’s investigators couldn’t get the tape, then maybe he ought to fire his current investigators.

Bill Virdon of course has 1,066 games as a ‘Stros Skipper.

Well we continued to play the spoiler role last night as we edged the Mariners 2-1 and Altuve still holds a slim lead in the race for the batting title.

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