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Commentary said this yesterday about The President delaying action on immigration and Latinos:

Now one of the story lines of the upcoming election will be “do Latinos turnout to vote after being told to wait on immigration.”

The more that this is talked about, the more likely Latinos will stay home. Sorry Dem folks!

Here is part of an Op-Ed in Politico today written by Carmen Velasquez, founder and retired executive director of Alivio Medical Center in Chicago:

Colorado Sen. Mark Udall, Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn, Illinois Reps. Brad Schneider and Bill Foster — all Democrats who have kept their promises to the Latino community and consistently supported reform — will face reelection and risk losing if disaffected Latinos refuse to show up at the polls.

Between now and the midterms, more than 60,000 Latinos and immigrants will very likely be separated from their loved ones and thousands of U.S. citizen children will be left without a mother or a father before the president acts. Most of these human beings have lived in the United States for more than a decade and do backbreaking work that Americans do not want to do, contributing to and growing industries that Americans cannot do without. All they ask is for a chance to get right with the law, legally enter the workforce and stay together with their families. Obama’s broken promise and delayed action will mean many of them will be deported.

Their suffering and that of their families, friends and children should weigh on the consciences of the president and the Democrats who encouraged Obama to put off — again and again and again and again and again — the push for immigration reform.

As for our own plan of action? It’s hard for me to imagine many of us voting for Republicans, who have at times been downright hostile to immigrant communities. But maybe Latinos in places like Colorado, Florida, Arkansas and North Carolina — states with closely contested Senate or governor’s races — should sit this election out. Maybe only by paying a price at the polls will Democrats finally stop throwing us under the bus.

This MLB Hall of Fame great had his numero 9 and 44 retired by two different teams – who am I talking about?

I said also this on Thursday about the Team Davis Book Tour:

In this current political climate of ethics complaints being filed on a regular basis, don’t be surprised if a GOP affiliated group files an ethics complaint against Team Davis for not having a political disclaimer printed on the book. Oh well!

Sure Enough! As expected! This came out yesterday in the Trib:

Republican gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott’s campaign manager is requesting a ruling from the Texas Ethics Commission on whether Democratic gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis’ book deal and tour are illegal corporate campaign contributions.

In the three page letter sent Monday morning, Abbott campaign manager Wayne Hamilton argues the book is tied to her campaign. Corporate campaign contributions are illegal in Texas elections.

“The book will be serving as a promotion of the issues the candidate has been highlighting over the course of the campaign,” Hamilton wrote in his letter. “Because of the proximity of the book’s publishing and the election, the candidate will be using political funds on voter contact at the same time the publisher is using corporate funds to promote the book.”

Some things are just predictable.

Don’t give kudos to the Ravens or the NFL for giving Ray Rice the boot. Save your kudos for TMZ.

Reggie Jackson of course had his numero 9 retired by the A’s and his numero 44 by the Yankees.

The ‘Stros’ 2015 schedule was released yesterday and once again we will be spending the three holidays on the road. Memorial Day in B’More, Fourth of July at Fenway, and Labor Day at O.co. All of our interleague games are against NL West clubs. We play two in San Fran, and they visit us for two. We play two at Coors, and they visit us for two. We go to San Diego for three and the Dodgers visit us for three. The D-Backs visit us for three and we close the season in their crib for three. The Yankees visit us in June and Red Sox are here in July.

We lost last night as Jose Altuve holds a slim lead in the batting title chase.

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