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Public Conversations

Let’s see now. The Dean handed over to the Chron his conversations with the UH Chancellor and they were published.

Let’s see now. The UH Student Government leader handed over to the Cougar his conversations with The Dean and they were published. So why did folks get upset with the leader? Oh well.

Bench Coach Adam Everett was a ‘Stro for seven years. He also played for three other MLB clubs – name them?

HISD is asking for 1,500 volunteers to help solve the literacy problem in the schools? Huh! What are teachers for? Here is from the Chron:

Leaders of the Houston Independent School District turned to the community on Thursday, launching the district’s largest volunteer recruitment effort in recent years – all to help solve HISD’s intractable literacy problem.

The nation’s seventh-largest school system put out a call for 1,500 volunteers – business professionals, retirees and others – to work weekly with first-graders across the district who are struggling to read.

The volunteer effort is part of Superintendent Terry Grier’s latest literacy plan, which sets a goal that all students will read on grade level by third grade. Last school year, only one-third of HISD’s third-graders hit the state’s recommended level on the reading test; about two-thirds met the easier minimum standards.

“This is a big, big issue, and together we’re going to be able to do this,” Grier said at a news conference at Garcia Elementary, addressing the business and nonprofit executives helping to fund and coordinate the volunteer effort.

Oh well again!

You have to go pick up the Chron to check out another outstanding column by Lisa Falkenberg on Harris County’s grand jury system. It is absolutely incredible that Falkenberg is having to point out to judges – Dems included – transparency issues and the law. Absolutely incredible! Here is how her column ends:

With all due respect, Your Honors, stop sealing public information and hand over the records. They belong to us, the people who elected you.

I am thinking that Falkenberg’s columns on our grand jury system are going to get her some serious recognition if you know what I mean.

Well Sunday the Texans kick-off their season against the team from D.C. I’ll be paying attention to our QB situation.

Adam Everett also played with the Tigers, Cleveland, and Twins of course.

Can you believe that we are eight games ahead of the last place Rangers?

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