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Book Sale

It is a good move by Team Davis to schedule a book tour next week. If it will get her more attention – go for it. Here is what the Chron said on its front page:

With her gubernatorial campaign nearing the home stretch, state Sen. Wendy Davis will take five timeouts next week to promote her new book, prompting her opponent on Wednesday to renew criticism of her vision for Texas’ future.

Even so, political experts suggested the unusual timing of Davis’ book tour will probably benefit her campaign, still trailing in the polls with just two months to go before Election Day.


For its part, Abbott’s campaign on Wednesday said the tour underscores Davis’ shortcomings. “Sen. Davis has shown she can’t sell a vision for Texas’ future, so maybe she’ll have better luck selling books,” said Abbott campaign spokesman Matt Hirsch.

Political observers suggested the book visits are nothing if not political.

“The book signings may not be political, but when you’re running in a statewide race like she is, it’s political,” said Jerry Polinard, a political scientist at the University of Texas-Pan American in Edinburg. “All the people at those events know she’s running, and they’re not there because she’s just an author.”

In this current political climate of ethics complaints being filed on a regular basis, don’t be surprised if a GOP affiliated group files an ethics complaint against Team Davis for not having a political disclaimer printed on the book. Oh well!

B-G-O made his last Opening Day start at second base in 2007. Who was our Opening Day starter at second base in 2008?

Commentary is not a fan of “One Bin for All.” I think it is kind of pie-in-the-sky thinking. The Chron has a front page story on the City of H-Town and One-Bin. We need to wait and see if the One-Bin technology is really out there. We have not done a good job in educating the community on how to recycle. Heck, a lot of homes still don’t have the tall green bins. Let’s focus on this first before we head into uncharted territory. Here is from the Chron:

Ever since city officials announced an ambitious plan to overhaul lackluster recycling in Houston, allowing residents to mix all of their waste in one bin to be sorted and converted into marketable materials at a first-of-its-kind facility, the idea has been dogged by environmental concerns.

Now, with five “One Bin for All” company bids under consideration, city officials are facing more practical questions: Can the technology succeed, and at the right price? If not, the one-bin plan will be scrapped and the city’s focus will shift to expanding curbside recycling.

City officials say the advanced sorting technology required for a one-bin program is proven, but critics contend there is less of a track record for “gasification,” a process that converts food, tree waste and other items into fuel and that could determine the commercial success of the program. Both critics and proponents point to a growing list of cities and counties that have tried similar one-bin models and met with varying success.

“These are goals that we know may be difficult to achieve,” said Laura Spanjian, the city’s sustainability director. “We’ve done lots of research, we’ve toured different facilities. We believe this is possible.”


Critics urging the city to drop the one-bin plan say it is risky and the technology it would require is unproven. Time and effort spent vetting one-bin proposals would be better spent expanding the existing recycling program, said Melanie Scruggs, Houston program director for Texas Campaign for the Environment. The group strongly opposes the city proposal, and released a report last month detailing stories of cities and counties that apparently have tried and failed to launch similar programs or meet diversion goals.

“If the city of Houston is looking for examples of one-bin waste facilities that are recycling 75 percent of whatever goes in there, that simply doesn’t exist,” Scruggs said. “It’s not out there, it’s not working. We’ve looked.”

Good luck!

Also from the Chron is a bit about the threats made to the former head of the firefighters union:

“If someone made a threat to someone’s family, they deserve criminal charges,” (Mayor) Parker said. “And if, in fact, they can be proven, they deserve to go to jail.”

Alvin White, interim local president, released a statement Wednesday saying (Bryan) Sky-Eagle’s allegations “conveniently deflect from his troubled tenure as HPFFA president and upcoming trial on administrative charges.”

An earlier statement following Sky-Eagle’s resignation said the 3,800 members increasingly lost confidence in his leadership.

“We hope a proper investigation of the ‘threats’ occurs,” White said in his statement.

White also pointed to Parker’s historically tense relationship with the union.

“We also urge the mayor, whose administration worked closely with Mr. Sky-Eagle, to await the findings of the investigation before she resumes disparaging Houston firefighters,” White said.

I wonder if the next mayor will get along with the union because this one certainly doesn’t.

Mark Loretta of course was our Opening Day second baseman in 2008.

I told you about heading out to The Yard. Last night we put it on the Angels again. Altuve had his 194th base hit and Chris Carter had another multi dinger evening. He now has 35. The team is off today then we head off on a nine game roadie this weekend. Spoilers?

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