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Come on! I am starting to believe we are going a bit overboard and prosecuting hardball politics. I agree with The Dean that this is “silly.” The Dean might have been a bit aggressive and a little on the bully side with the UH Chancellor but he certainly wasn’t doing anything against the law. He was just being The Dean and being The Dean ain’t illegal.

Just for the sake of consistency, I am thinking right now that all Guv Dude was doing was playing hardball politics. Convince me otherwise! Here is the Chron story on The Dean:

A conservative group has filed a criminal complaint against state Sen. John Whitmire, accusing him of coercion in an exchange of text messages with University of Houston President Renu Khator that was published in the Houston Chronicle.

In the Aug. 16 conversation, Whitmire told Khator he would “stop dead and pass leg (legislation)” unless she killed a plan to require freshmen to live on campus. Khator agreed to withdraw the proposal and asked Whitmire to forgive her.

The complaint, filed Aug. 29 with Travis County’s Public Integrity Unit by the Conservative Action Fund, cites the exchange. The unit investigates claims against elected officials.

“Senator Whitmire directly attempted to influence — and did in fact influence — a public servant (the UH President) ‘in a specific exercise of [her] official power,'” the complaint says. “He achieved such influence by means of ‘coercion,’ that is, by threatening to ‘take…action as a public servant’ in the Legislature if UH did not bow to his demand.”

Whitmire dismissed the complaint as “absolutely silly.”

“I haven’t even given it a second thought,” Whitmire said. “Obviously a group of lawyers have got too much time on their hands.”

The complaint seems to be meant, in part at least, as a defense of Gov. Rick Perry, who was indicted last month on similar charges. Perry threatened to, and later did, veto funding for the Travis County-based Public Integrity Unit, if Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg did not step down after being arrested for drunken driving.

The Conservative Action Fund complaint says repeatedly that if Perry committed a crime, so did Whitmire. The Houston Democrat is the dean of the state senate.

“If your office is intent on prosecuting Governor Perry for exercising his lawful legislative authority (the veto) to encourage action by another public servant (Lehmberg), then we suppose that you would be troubled to know of two publicly documented violations of the same criminal statute by a powerful Texas Democrat,” the complaint says.

It also claims Whitmire coerced the Texas Department of Criminal Justice executive director into ending the practice of last meals for death row inmates. The complaint cites a New York Times article that says, in “a phone call and letter to the executive director of the state prison agency, Mr. Whitmire asked that the agency end the practice of last meals or he would get the State Legislature to pass a bill doing so.”

Former ‘Stro shortstop Adam Everett is now the team’s bench coach. Everett was our Opening Day starting shortstop from 2004-2007. Who was our Opening Day shortstop in 2008?

One of the folks that threw out the first pitch last night was a fella that punched over 220,000 MLB All Star Game ballots. How did he do it?

Jon Singleton’s walk up tune is Jimmy Dean’s “Big John.” Singleton’s only hitting .176 so he is a long way away from Big Bad John status.

Miguel Tejada of course was our Opening Day starting shortstop in 2008.

Only 15,000 and change saw us put it on the Angels last night. Altuve had another four hit night and is now sitting at .340 with 193 base hits.

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