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Dysfunctional ‘Stros

Commentary has been a fan of the ‘Stros since the beginning. I have also been a ticket holder for a long, long time. Today is September 2, 2014 and I have ABSOLUTLEY NO CONFIDENCE in the folks that are running the baseball operations of the ‘Stros. I think the owner and GM are bumbling dumb s__ts.

Yesterday Skipper Bo Porter was sent packing because he didn’t get along with the GM. I wonder why? It is tough to win ballgames when the GM brings in players that are hitting around the Mendoza line.

Hey, GM! The Skipper was your pick and you obviously didn’t get it right. What a letdown!

Just like you didn’t get it right with the top draft pick.

Three pitchers that you got rid of are all publicly bad mouthing your operation with the latest being Jarred Cosart who said we are one of the “worst organizations in baseball.”

You cut loose J.D. Martinez who is now hitting .307 with the contending Tigers. He also has 18 dingers.

You also tried to pressure George Springer into signing a long term contract and when he wouldn’t you kept him in Oklahoma City until the fans had had enough.

Oh yeah, you plunked down over $3 mil for a pitcher this season who has yet to get to the mound!

And you let hackers get into your computers.

Here is from the Chron’s Jerome Solomon:

The stumbling and bumbling Astros’ front office continues to stumble and bumble, this time taking its error-prone ways out on manager Bo Porter.

The ‘Stros are an embarrassment and an outfit that is severely lacking in class. Shame on you guys!

I am so p___ed off at the ‘Stros so I am going to skip my MLB question today.

Speaking about not getting it right, the head of the firefighters union quit. He didn’t even last a year. Hey, they picked him!

The hottest team in MLB is in for two. That’s all we need. I don’t expect big crowds because folks are kind of fed up with how things are being run over at The Yard.

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