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Hello September!

Commentary dropped by the local Kroger yesterday and they were already putting out the Halloween candy.

A “Way to Go!” goes to the Chron for bringing on a “Political Reporter.” Theodore “Teddy” Schleifer is the new political reporter for the Chron. It is about time!

Jose Altuve is leading MLB with a .336 batting average. Who is number two?

The “Today” show is highlighting Latinos this week with #VivaToday. In their eight o’clock hour this morning the only Latino organization they mentioned was United We Dream. That is way too cool!

It definitely wasn’t a good weekend for Cougar Nation. They lost their inaugural game at their new crib Friday night and yesterday their former QB was given his walking papers from the Texans.

I don’t understand the move by the AG Abbott campaign to pull out of the Dallas debate. All they did was give Team Davis some ammo.

A 97-year old fella sang the National Anthem at The Yard yesterday.

Victor Martinez of the Tigers of course trails Altuve with a .327 batting average.

It is Labor Day and the ‘Stros have the day off. That is probably a good thing in that our next 18 games are with contenders – Angels (2), A’s (3), Mariners (3), Angels (3), Cleveland (4), and Mariners (3).

Hey, at least we took the Silver Boot from the Rangers this season.

A ‘Stro is in the hunt for the batting and dinger title this season so stay tuned!

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