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That is how I have referred to the Lone Star State’s public school finance system. Yesterday a judge found the state’s school finance system unconstitutional.

The school finance issue has been in and out of the courthouse for close to fifty years now. It has been found to be unconstitutional when Dems were running things and when GOPers were in charge. We have yet to get it right while millions of school kids have gotten short-changed. Thanks Texas!

I have said it before. The only way we will get it right is when the state’s business community gets off their arses and makes this the top critical priority. Until then it will continue to be a political football of sorts.

Jason Castro smacked the team’s 5th grand salami last night. What is the team record for grand salamis in a season.

H-Town needs to do this. I would rather have the following anytime. Here is from the Statesman:

The Austin City Council approved a law Thursday banning the use of hand-held cellphones and many other portable electronic devices while driving.

The law takes effect Jan. 1, after which police will be able to cite motorists and bicyclists if caught chatting, texting or tapping away on smartphone applications while in motion.

I am kind of puzzled why we are not doing this. Isn’t it a no brainer?

Congrats to UH on the opening of their new football crib this evening. Take a bow! Let’s hope it leads to higher rankings!

Congrats to my friend Drayton McLane, Jr. for the crib in his name that will open this Sunday at Baylor!

I am going to say this and I may be proven wrong. At the end of the Texans’ football season, our biggest issue was at QB. Our biggest issue today is QB.

In 2001 and 2007 the team had seven grand salamis of course.

Tonight they are handing out Lone Star Series T-Shirts and tomorrow Nolan and Reid Ryan bobble heads.

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