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After Jim Parsons snagged his fourth Emmy last night I think it is time the City of H-Town start planning a “Jim Parsons Day.”

Only three other actors have won the Emmy for Best Comedy Actor four times – Carrol O’Connor, Michael J. Fox, and Kelsey Grammer – not bad company if you ask me. He is in high cotton.

He now pulls down one mil per episode.

He went to UH. He is on commercials promoting H-Town. He made a video last year to help recruit Dwight Howard. He’s a homer for sure.

It is time for a “Jim Parsons Day!”

Chris Carter had his 31st dinger of the season last night. 40 maybe? Name the last ‘Stro to venture into the 40 plus dinger season?

Hunker Down put out a press release yesterday saying he would unveil a new Dome proposal today at 2 pm. The event will take place at the Dome. I thought we had seen it all! Maybe an indoor drive-in theater? Maybe a shopping mall? Maybe an indoor farmers market? Maybe the site for the One Bin for All facility? Stay tuned!

The front page of today’s Chron has a story about the Team Davis and AG Abbott ad wars. Team Davis has been on the attack. Here is from the Chron:

Democratic gubernatorial nominee Wendy Davis has spent about $4 million this month to hammer her Republican opponent Greg Abbott with a torrent of attack ads on television, according to people who track the industry and a San Antonio Express-News/Houston Chronicle review of public documents.

With little more than two months before voters select a new governor, Davis is at a roughly three-to-one cash disadvantage and lagging anywhere from eight to 16 percentage points depending on the poll of the day.

Her campaign’s key strategy to make up ground and energize donors in the homestretch: Go negative.

I don’t have a problem with that. Here is more Chron on the AG Abbott ads:

Taking a different approach early, Abbott on Monday wrapped up a roughly two-week run of ads featuring his mother-in-law talking about what a swell guy he is. The campaign spent more than $2.1 million to run more than 2,200 spots over that period, airing the ads in English and Spanish, according to contracts filed with television stations.

“That’s a front-runner strategy we’re seeing from Abbott,” said Jim Henson, director of the Texas Policy Project at the University of Texas at Austin. “From the Davis campaign, there’s also an element of textbook campaign politics here. When you’re behind as the campaign wears on there’s more and more pressure to go on the attack.”


Abbott’s camp, in a statement highlighting the barrage of political ads Texans can expect come the start of football season, labeled the Davis attacks a “blitz of desperate ads.”

“Indicative of a candidate with no plan or vision for Texas, Sen. Davis’ attacks have repeatedly failed to reach the end zone, and her latest ads continue to fumble the facts,” said Abbott spokesman Matt Hirsch.

Duh! I’m sorry fellas but running ads introducing us to AG Abbott’s “Madrina” doesn’t exactly fall in the Vision for Texas category. Show me the vision!

In 2006, The Big Puma had 45 dingers of course.

This season has been a tale of two teams. We have a good team and bad team with no in-betweens. Last night the bad team showed up. Speaking of showing up – only 14,000 plus change made it to The Yard last night.

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