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One Bin or Two Bins

H-Town’s proposed “One Bin for All” proposal got some run in the Trib today. Commentary is not convinced this is the way to go. Of course, maybe I don’t have all the facts. I will say that the City has not done a good job of encouraging folks to recycle. Heck, we didn’t get our green bin until recently. I don’t think there has ever been an awareness campaign on recycling except for maybe a little flyer that comes in your water bill. The city’s effort on recycling has been a little half arse. If we do end up going with the one bin I say let’s put the mega-facility next to the ‘hood of those that want it and not next to a low income neighborhood. Here is a bit from the Trib:

Houston’s “One Bin for All” proposal, which would let residents throw their trash and recycling into a single bin instead of separating them first, has been debated for months. Supporters, including some national climate change organizations, believe the plan could help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and costs. They say it would cut truck traffic, because there would be no need for two pickups, and argue that sorting trash from recyclables at a centralized facility is more effective than relying on residents to do it themselves. Today, Houston recycles only 6 percent of the waste it collects, compared with the national average of 34.5 percent.

But detractors like the Sierra Club and paper and steel industry groups say it cannot be done cost effectively and represents an outdated approach to waste management. They say the city should focus on expanding its recycling service and charging a garbage fee, which it has never done.

More recently, critics have seized on another aspect of the plan: where the new sorting facility would be located. While the bids from several companies vying are sealed, city officials say it makes sense to locate the facility near an existing landfill. Bullard and others fear that the McCarty landfill, which is operated by a company that also submitted a bid for the “One Bin” project, could be a prime target.

Here is the entire Trib piece: http://www.texastribune.org/2014/08/25/environmental-justice-advocates-question-houstons-/.

The A’s are in town for three. Name the last member of the A’s to win the AL MVP Award?

I had the flat screen on yesterday morning on ABC’s “This Week” when the host brought up Guv Dude and the indictments. Panelist Peggy Noonan called them “local Democratic overreach” and again I asked myself why do I waste my time watching the Sunday morning talkies. Noonan’s response drew this tweet from the Dallas Morning News’ Wayne Slater:

Unencumbered by facts, @Peggynoonannyc on ABC: Perry indictment “local Democratic overreach.” Looks confused when told prosecutor is GOP

Wayne was way too kind.

Richard Attenborough left us yesterday. He was one of the film community greats. He won a couple of Oscars for directing and producing the Best Picture “Gandhi.” He also directed “Chaplin” with Robert Downey, Jr. and the creepy “Magic” with Anthony Hopkins. Of course, most folks remember him as Dr. Hammond from the megahit “Jurassic Park.” I liked him “The Great Escape,” “Flight of the Phoenix,” and “The Sand Pebbles.” He definitely had an impact on cinema.

Miguel Tejada of course won the 2002 AL MVP Award as a member of the A’s.

The ‘Stros have never had a season dinger champ. Chris Carter with 30 is 4 behind the league leader so now you have another reason to head out to The Yard this week.

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